Has anyone had Capital one stating that they say PPI was sold correctly via the telephone but that cant find the conversation? and state reason it was sold correctly was:
Aged Between 18-64
employed continuously for the last 6 months and paying class 1 NI
Living in the UK
But myself as the customer wasn't even told that I had this policy on my credit card?
Didn't even know I had the insurance, so if I was out of work would never have used it as I didn't even know had it.

Anyone had any similar experience? If so what is my next step?
Many thanks


  • That's a highly specific scenario you're looking for someone to have shared. Either way, it doesn't matter if they have or not.

    The PPI would have shown on your statement each month, which may be why they have rejected your complaint reason.

    If you've had their final decision, you can go to FOS if you want.
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    nealad22 wrote: »
    Didn't even know I had the insurance,
    All this complaint is admitting is that you've forgotten agreeing to the insurance and, in addition, never looked at your statements each month. On credit cards, PPI is itemised on a separate line each and every month when it is charged.
    All the other reasons given by the Bank show that you were eligible and had need of the insurance.

    As already said, you can refer this complaint to the Ombudsman, but it's a very weak complaint.
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    The ombudsman decisions published online with Cap one telephone sales nearly all say there is no record. However, they have accepted the script that would form the template of the call.
    But myself as the customer wasn't even told that I had this policy on my credit card?

    So, when you got your statement each month, did you never query what the transaction was that you didnt agree?
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