Memory Bears

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My cousin has recently lost her husband and really wanting some memory bears making from his clothes for the children/grandchildren.
I would love to help over the Christmas break.
Has anyone made any ... any advice/tips ??
A creative mess is better than tidy idleness :D


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    Can I be really honest and just say that I have made quite a few of these now but still find it quite stressful and would prefer not to. I'm not trying to put you off at all and it could just be me but it's the nature of it. I have to have plenty of time and approach it with calmness. I am a carer for my husband and you can appreciate that some days would not be good for approaching this.

    Get a nice pattern for the bear. One you like the look of. Some online free patterns aren't always the best looking bears.
    Make the pattern first time with scrap fabric, you'll get a feel for how to put it together and what end product will look like.

    On occasions I have been given the bare minimum of fabric and there has been no room for mistakes and of course you can't just buy more fabric - make sure you have plenty of fabric.

    Fabrics - if possible try to use fabrics of the same weight/texture. My own preference is to not use say a cotton shirt and then a wool jumper in the same bear. I find if it's all cotton shirts or all baby sleep suits etc it just makes things easier. I certainly would not mix in silks, satins etc.

    Don't under or over stuff with toy filling a balled up hard bear can look as awful as a saggy floppy bear.

    You can use buttons from shirts or coats as eyes which is always a nice touch but for children I prefer to use the safety eyes and noses.
    Also think about if you want moving head, arms and legs because you'll need a set of plastic joint cotter pins.

    It is a lovely idea and they have always been really well received when I've made them and I try to make them with a lot of love.
    I'm certain you'll do a wonderful job for your family and I send my condolences to you and your family.
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    Hi, I would totally agree with what Soblivion said. I make Memory Quilts and Memory Cushions and thoroughly enjoy making these. After many requests I bought a pattern and made a bear. Never again, I did not enjoy making it and found it quite stressful. Too fiddly. I have enjoyed sewing, quilting and dressmaking for over 40 years but would not sew a memory bear again.

    Memory cushions are lovely and easy to make. You'll could making one using a patchwork technique. Pinterest has thousands of photos and there are many tutorials on YouTube.

    Good luck xx
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  • Thank you both for taking the time to reply.
    Now I'm worried ha ha.

    I have just ordered the Simplicity pattern and have told my cousin that I will have a practice over the Xmas holidays (on my spare clothing).

    I've taken lots of your tips on board .. Thank you... very helpful.

    Just need to think how I'm going to include the initials PG on the bear (If I get that far).

    She already has plans for making a cushion out of his favourite Aran jumper.

    Thank you soooo much. I just hope I can achieve this.
    A creative mess is better than tidy idleness :D
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    Try putting the initials either on the soles of the bear's back feet (one per foot) or on an item of its clothing.
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    I have sampled memory bears using Alices Bear Shop patterns. They also have youtube tutorials to show you how to.
    I love to recycle clothes into new things. :)
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