Help! Wasting my energy!!! do i switch to get better winter deal or stick for WHD

Hi I’m new here hoping to find a friendly face to help me make sense of switching to save pennies I heard you guys are good eggs can anybody help? ( please can you can move if better somewhere else ta)
I’m a full time carer for my wife who is disabled, she’s in the broader group for warm home discount,
Looking to find the right deal for us Ovo flow? As both have WHD
Preferably green or greenish continuity of care/ good customer service that acknowledges people with different needs and of course money saving!
Stability is good as I don’t have the time and energy (pardon the pun) to keep on top of things constantly
But did wonder about Tonik? Bulb?

Appreciate your gentle advice to get something sorted. Ive been unable to get things sorted before now so I think time is of the essence!

So if anyone can help I’m deeply grateful

Thank you,


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    Do your sums on a comparison site and include the potential loss of £140.

    Have you not claimed Discount already ?
    Never pay on an estimated bill
  • If you decide to change supplier you need to get written/e mailed confirmation that they are part of the WHD scheme for 2017/18, if not the potential savings could be wiped out by the loss of £140, atm the WHD runs I think till 2019/20
  • w06w06 Forumite
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    put your usage into some of the online comparison sites (google something like utilities comparison) I found I could save several hundred a year with several companies even taking into account the loss of warm home discount
  • MuttleythefrogMuttleythefrog Forumite
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    Some quick points.

    Price comparisons seem to typically consider you'll switch to standard (expensive) tariff at end of deal so make sure you're comparing apples with apples.... the price comparisons can be misleading. Right now several are suggested as saving me money... but if I do the maths myself actually none do even if I ignore exit fees.

    Yes the WHD is very pleasant but obviously only some suppliers award it and ensuring if you switch that you will still be in time to apply and get it (ensure you'd qualify) is probably worth investing research in.

    £140 in my experience is such a big boost to generally low user that to not get the WHD would pretty much wipe out any potent savings from those not offering it.

    Timing is key... I try to look to switch each year in the time before applications can be made but after payment has been issued of WHD.

    I look to use a site like TopCashBack where you can get decent cashback for using them to compare and switch... over £50 for my last switch through Lumo.

    But do make sure you're comparing like for like. I take the pricing on the tariffs for my current set up and then use spreadsheet to compare accurately with the most likely candidates out there to switch to as shown by price comparison site. Obviously factor in any exit fees too.
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  • Thanks so much all of you Robin90 Venision W06 & muttleythefrog! yes applied for WHD previously not paid until march ... do any of the energy companies have representatives on here?
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