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MSE News: 'Google you owe us': Legal challenge launched on behalf of millions

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edited 30 November 2017 at 4:01PM in Techie Stuff
A consumer campaign group is today launching an unprecedented legal action against Google, claiming the tech heavyweight unlawfully collected personal data and should pay compensation to millions of iPhone users...
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''Google you owe us': Legal challenge launched on behalf of millions of iPhone users'
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  • Kim_13Kim_13 Forumite
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    I had an iPhone in that period but wouldn't know how to go about proving it. I think I disposed of the receipt when I no longer had the phone at the end of 2013.
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  • DoaMDoaM Forumite
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    The article says that you need to contact the Google You owe Us group if you do NOT want to be part of the eventual action. That suggests to me that they already know which accounts were affected.
  • AndyPixAndyPix Forumite
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    I cant see this going very far
  • The irony of this being that if you were in the market for a smartphone, but were trying to maximise the bang for your buck, you probably would have bought something other than an iPhone unless you had a specific need for iPhone's high-end features.

    Agree with the motivation behind the action - by running Android you have accepted certain T&Cs with respect to Google that those running Apple's browser and OS have not.

    Just pointing out the irony that many of those who stand to gain from this will have either bought iPhone because for the specific applications they needed it was technically more advanced - in which case they were paying for a premium product which was not rivalled by Android-default devices, and thus Google's actions could end up subsidising and increasing brand loyalty to their main competitor. Or as a fashion accessory, in which case the beneficiaries are those who were paying the least attention to frugality in the first place.
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