Gifts for 4 year old, 3 year old, 2 year old and 1 year old

I was thinking for the younger ones new PJ's and bits, and for the oldest I was thinking a cake making kit but not sure of it. Looking for any other ideas?? I havent for kids my self so struggle xx


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    open savings accounts for them.....too much wasted on plastic !!!!!!!
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    Crickey with four children under four Mary Poppins may be appreciated.

    How about a family gift, as I feel there will be many toys.
    A family photograph, in true M.S.E style take one yourself and frame.
    Entry to a soft play zone.
    Family membership for somewhere near.
    Babysitting credits. Your time will be greatly appreciated
    Take them somewhere for lunch or an ice cream.
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    Are these all in one family? Are they your family? or friends kids? What is your budget?

    Colouring books/pencils for the older ones
    Bed time story books

    Don't buy anything that needs batteries or makes a big noise :rotfl:
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  • The 1,2 and 3 year old are nieces and nephew from my one sister, and then the 4 year old is my friends child. My mum already puts cash into a account for them so would preferably like something for them to open, the youngest obv wont be able to but her brother and sister can open them for her lol. All great ideas but unfortunately they don't drive and i cant fit my sis and her 3 kids in my car cause of how much room the baby seats take up lol Love the idea of family photograph, thankyou xx
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    Whilst the little ones dont really understand what xmas is things like clothes & pjs are perfect as they dont take up too much space. Bath toys are also nice for the younger ones.
    My advice would be to ask the mums what sort of things they would like their children to receive I know it seems like a cop out but that way you know that what you get will be appreciated by both child and parent. We have some family members who never ask and without sounding ungrateful the presents just sit there unused as its not the kind of thing my stepdaughter plays with. Also let them know what your budget is per child no matter how small so they dont give you ideas out of the price range.
    The Entertainer is a great place to get things at a reasonable price too. Hope this helps and good luck
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    jkl123 wrote: »
    I was thinking for the younger ones new PJ's and bits, and for the oldest I was thinking a cake making kit but not sure of it. Looking for any other ideas?? I havent for kids my self so struggle xx
    4 kids, 1 year apart - I suggest you give the parents a book on family planning....
    I think....
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    Don't spend a lot of money on gifts for little ones. They don't know if it cost £1 or £50.

    My 3 year old grandson's favourite present was a 50 p toy lawnmower from a charity shop. He thought it was a hoover and ran to get it every time the floor was hoovered.

    With several children in close age there will be lots of toys to hand down.

    Have a look at sights like Tesco direct or TOYSRUS where you get suggestions for each age group.

    A spinning top is good for a little one or something that plays jingles

    Books are good, Cloth books for babies are useful.

    For the older one a DVD of whatever character they like- Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Frozen or a Disney one.
  • Ah I didnt even think of baths toys lol. Thankyou. That's the trouble I don't want to end buying things that won't be used. Think IL ask them like you said thankyou xx
  • I love the soft book idea didn't think of those, that's brill thankyou xx
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    jkl123 wrote: »
    Ah I didn't even think of baths toys lol.
    When my kids were that age Boots had (toys at Boots are seasonal, coming and going) plasticy-rubbery book for bath. Dolphin something. And by accident I already had a bath dolphin that looked exactly like in that book. Oh, it was love for several years!

    Another bath ideas. Again, it was from Boots, but I think it's easy to find stuff like that on the internet. Bath crayons. It's kind of washable, maybe made of soap base thing. You could draw in the bath on yourself or walls.

    As for not bath related ideas. How about taking 4-years all (could be with your friend) to a panto or some kids show? And as for your sister kids, check if local family centres or alike hold a Christmass party. Take kids there, give your sister couple of hours free - good treat for everybody.
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