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Microchipping puppy

RotorRotor Forumite
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Hi , we are getting a puppy at the end of this month and the breeder is having the puppies microchipped before we pick it up.

i assume it will be logged to her name and address ( as she didn't take our address when we put the deposit down) - is this the usual way of doing things and how do we re-register the microchip? Is it at the vets when we get his first jab?



  • elsienelsien Forumite
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    You need the details (microchip number) from the breeder. Petlog (for example) have a transfer code the current keeper would give you then you'd use that to update to your own details. You need to go via whichever microchip company has been used.
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  • The breeder we had our pup off had our details when we collected her and transferred over our name/address for us (Petlog). We received an email a week or so later to confirm changes. I'd call your breeder and ask for clarification.
  • Kim_13Kim_13 Forumite
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    Expect a £16 fee to change the ownership.

    Worth calling the breeder to give your details and see if they can be put on when the chip is done though (though I'd think not.)
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  • cuggiecuggie Forumite
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    My pup last year came microchipped by the breeder, when I took her for her 2nd jab, I asked the vets to check the micro chip as I'd already changed ownership of the number given to me.... luckily I did as it turned out the breeder had mixed up microchip paperwork and I'd registered another pup as mine ! Called Petlog, and explained it all, giving the numbers of both microchips and they sorted it all out after a couple of weeks (think they contacted the other 'owner' and asked them to double check their pup's chip) and she is now registered to me with the correct number on my paperwork.
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    The original owner on the registration has to sign the form to change ownership to confirm they agree to the change.
    So the breeder should complete and send the forms off, or sign it and give it to you to complete and send off.
  • Mine was registered to the breeder and I simply changed it online and received an email confirmation and the paperwork in the post a week later.. no charges involved.
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  • First registration is free. So when you microchip a puppy you can leave it all blank and give the owner microchip number for them to register the puppy at home free first time.
  • RotorRotor Forumite
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    Thanks everyone. Sounds like I'm best ringing the seller and seeing if she will either use my details to register or leave blank. Otherwise I need the details of the microchip company used .

    When I say 'breeder' it's just a farm collie so the owner may not have any more idea about the ins and outs of microchipping than I do.
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