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Digistat 3 heating help

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Simba-ali34Simba-ali34 Forumite
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I live in a new build which has a digistat thermastat. I control it manually. I manually turn the temperature setting above the reading etc to switch the central heating on.

I have noticed 2 radiators stay hot for maybe an hour or so then switch off. If I move the trv they seem to kick back in. Is this an issue? Or is this a way of the system controlling the temperature? It's worth noting that the current temperature on the digistat never reaches the set temperature so it's not a case of it cutting out.


  • Le_KirkLe_Kirk Forumite
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    Why don't you decide what temperature you want the flat/house to be and then set the thermostat at that temperature? Is the thermostat in the same room as the radiator(s) with TRV's? The room containing the thermostat should not have TRV's fitted to the radiator(s).
  • Debbie_SavardDebbie_Savard Forumite
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    UNless you use the Digistat 3 as intended, you may as well remove it & replace with a simple room thermostat.

    You can find the Digistat 3 manual online
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