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Dimmable LEDs or Halogens

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bpk101bpk101 Forumite
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I need to get some bulbs sorted for a new kitchen fit out. We've had 4 x recessed spotlights installed, they are from Astro:

We have the same spots in our bathroom fitted with dimmable LEDs, however i do find the dimming action not as smooth as with halogens... they very slightly strobe when dimming up and down, and annoyingly some spots turn on/off a fraction ahead of others.

I believe the correct dimming module was fitted on installation, i think it's just the nature of dimmable LEDs?

That said i'm thinking of installing halogens in the kitchen lights. It's quite a modern / contemporary kitchen with cool-white under-mounted cabinet LED lighting as well.

Do you think i should stay with cool-white LED ceiling spots to match and will mixing in halogen bulbs on the ceiling look odd?

Or do halogen bulbs come in cool-white tones as well?

Any advice welcome.


  • ComicGeekComicGeek Forumite
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    The problem with dimmers is that the load for LEDs is a fraction of halogens, so it's likely that your dimmer switch isn't completely compatible - a correctly sized dimmer should work fine with LEDs, but always hit and miss when just replacing halogens with LEDs.

    Personally I would stick with the same colouring throughout the kitchen ceiling - having a different tone under the cabinets is fine.
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    brightontravellerbrightontraveller Forumite
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    Either dimmer / lamps or both are not compatible you shouldn’t see strobe effect

    Buy/try VARILIGHT V-Pro dimmers installed 1000s with many different lamp manufactures 99.9% success....
    Gives you a rundown on them.

    Warm or cool is a personal preference (warm is most similar to traditional Incandescent / filament lamps that many have grown up with) Cool is more familiar in office type environment.

    Mix and matching LED / Halogeon e.g of same “colour” wouldn’t be a recommendation within the same room /area light quality/ character could be poor , Eyes have to cope with forced variation in light levels, spectra visual sensor (the retina) variable diameter pupil and eyelids (squint ) the mix can exaggerate these making unpleasant experience.

    Although different e.g. red green etc more architectural/ feature lighting the different way the lamps perform can give good effects...

    Personally I’d avoid halogens running cost etc
  • GrenageGrenage Forumite
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    I second the V-Pro series.
  • martinsurreymartinsurrey Forumite
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    Grenage wrote: »
    I second the V-Pro series.

    I third it,

    Relatively expensive (if you are used to old fashioned dimmers), but worth it.
  • jcb208jcb208 Forumite
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    Yep Vpro works perfect with my 9 Led's in lounge can dim down to the point you hardly know they are on,also can be programed for minimum and maximum brightness you prefer
  • bpk101bpk101 Forumite
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    The LED dimmer module we have for the bathroom is from Hamilton Hartland.

    Maybe i'll give the Vpro dimmer a go for the kitchen. Trouble is the only white screwless dimmer they do comes with a silver knob. Do you think that's an easy thing to change to white?

    Or could i buy just the VPro module and fit it in a Hamilton Hartland unit?
  • Wassa123Wassa123 Forumite
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    Just a warning about halogen spotlights...

    We moved into a ~15 year house. I was able to replace 2/3 of the halogen spotlights with LEDS, but 1/3 of the spotlight casings have warped from the heat of the halogens and aren't coming off!
  • If you're okay about spending £25-£50 per bulb, you can always get the Philip Hue bulbs. No need to worry about the dimming modules or the warmth. Can also set timers, use motions sensors etc.
  • bpk101bpk101 Forumite
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    I've purchased the V-Pro module and will retrofit it into a Hamilton Hartland faceplate (Varilite confirmed this was okay).

    Can anyone recommend a good quality Dimmable GU10 LED build in Cool White? There's so many on the market!
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