Ethernet Internet access on new computer

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My current computer..this one... connects ok, to the internet.
This is "talk talk" ISP

I don't hink I had to enter any passwords or anything it just connected via ethernet cable. And I get IP address 88. ....

I am trying to get another computer to work it has Win XP on it.

The computer loads up but with the ethernet connected it won't connect to anything, in the connections it says there is an ethernet connection although it gives the IP as 10.0

Even when I click on it won't connect to microcsoft.

Can I do anything to check the connection?
Do I need to set up the internet connection., but I don't remember doing that in this computer.

Been reading the internet on this,
The firewall was disabled...
They also said some other stuff, I wil try but quite difficult to remember it all.

And I don't know what service pack the XP is.


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