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Asda Scan and Go

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  • RichardD1970RichardD1970 Forumite
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    We use it every week and love.

    Only had 1 issue with it now working, apparently because an update had started to be applied half way through the process.

    The staff were fantastic, trying to sort it and in the end opened a till to scan our shopping and gave us vouchers worth 20% off.
  • SystemSystem Community Admin
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    Tom99 wrote: »
    Sainsbury's had the same years ago, I don't know if they still do. Its a novelty to use but does not save much time and you have to remember to scan everything you put in the trolley.

    Its only in one of the four Sainsburys within 7 miles of me and its at the largest one.
  • alanq wrote: »
    I would have thought that with some children there would also be the risk of additional items finding their way into the trolley unscanned leading to awkward conversations in the event of a random check.

    I have that covered. His job is to push the trolley and scan the items I hand to him, I watch him doing so. It does take longer when he comes but then any method of shopping takes longer with a child in tow, at least this way keeps him occupied.
  • Lizabeth21 wrote: »
    The biggest difference between Asda and tesco scan and shop is you have to pay by card at Asda. Tesco you can pay by any means. When I questioned Asda staff about it they said it’s because they have no way of knowing who you are - you can use any email address or phone number (not necessarily your real ones) to register for the system.
    I always use cash for shopping so tesco scan and shop is great. You can keep an eye on spending just by looking at the hand held scanners screen. I’ve never forgotten to scan something and always find it fuss free to pay and leave.
    The Asda system needs to be changed so that all forms of payment are available at the dedicated scan and shop tills.

    This is probably because tesco is linked to the clubcard so they have your details via that. Without Asda having an equivalent they need some kind of proof of address.
  • This is probably because tesco is linked to the clubcard so they have your details via that. Without Asda having an equivalent they need some kind of proof of address.

    This is exactly the reason.
  • grixxlesgrixxles Forumite
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    Why does Asda feel the need to know who we are?

    I view it as Big Brother wanting to know anything and everything about us, and for advertising.

    It should accept cash at the Scan-and-Go kiosks.

    If they are worried about their scanners going walk-about, I am sure that they are security-tagged, internally, so that they set-off alarms at the stores' exits.

    If I go normal shopping, I am not required to prove my identity, before I can purchase from a shop.

    This is also the case, if doing standard shopping in Asda, using cash for payment.

    So why the anomaly for Scan-and-Go?
  • Bungle73Bungle73 Forumite
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    Does anyone understand how this thing is supposed to work? I tried to use it for the first time today, but could not work out how to get it to scan anything. I asked a member of staff who mumbled something about it not being charged, which made no sense at all, and to get another one. I had no idea what to do with it so I left it on a shelf.
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