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Getting 12% per day - super short term investments

Today another simple one:
An investment solution for people that want to make money.

The company has been around now for over 120 days and have been delivering consistently great service.

There are number of different investment options but the most popular one is a 12 business day contract where you get 12% daily. There is a small catch as you don't get your capital back however this still makes it 44% ROI

For example you invest 100 USD and each day you will receive a 12% interest (every 24 hours). The interest is only paid Monday to Friday (not on Saturdays and Sundays) after 12 business days you will have made in total 144 USD.

The pay outs are immediate and the team is also very responsive to any queries.

If you would like to get more info srnd me a PM.


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