Cash Neutral Christmas

I can't pretend I came up with the concept as all thanks for that go to DeterminedNewMS but I am loving the idea!

So far I have managed to buy two Christmas presents using Amazon vouchers earned on Job Spotter. I know DNMS is selling stuff on eBay to raise funds to pay for presents.

I am a right Scrooge when it comes to secret Santas as I think they are a huge waste of money and always make it known what I want for mine (for several years running it was black woolly tights!) That way the fiver I spend on someone else translates to something I needed to buy for myself anyway rather than some novelty toilet roll or other 'joke' gift.

I'm sure there must be other ways, does anyone else want to share how they will be making sure that Christmas doesn't break the bank?
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    Mine won't be cash neutral but some of the things I'm doing or have done in the past to save a bit of money are;

    We've already bought wine/prosecco/beer when Tesco had their 25% off 6 bottles and put them in the loft a few months ago. OH makes his own beer but we have bought a bit more from B&M. So we will only have to buy fresh food/meat. I have also bought a quality St tub, chocolate orange, after eights with Morrisons £5 vouchers from getting fuel there.

    Like you I've bought some presents with Amazon vouchers from surveys.

    One year I made up my mum a bath set with some hotel toiletries I picked up on a work trip. They were really posh, dead sea ones and as she has a skin irritation she loved it. I save any nice boxes/bags/baskets/tissue paper I get so that I can wrap things like this up nicely.

    I got my cards and wrapping paper in the January sales last year.

    I think the main thing is to shop all year round to spread the cost, plus buying as I see something I think a family member would like saves shopping in Dec when the shops are mental and when you're struggling for ideas. Plus it gives you time to enjoy December and the run up knowing everything's bought and wrapped :)
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    Ours won't be cash neutral but we budget for it and don't exceed it. We also don't go overboard with food and drink but just get enough to do a nice meal Xmas day and a few treats.

    We will be spending time with the family, relaxing lots and enjoying not having to worry about shopping, working or general household chores. I am a real slob at Xmas and like to just do the bare minimum housework wise.

    I certainly don't go overboard with presents. Just a few wrapped up gifts for my mum, stepdad, brother, OH, 2 DDs, SIL and DGD. Cash for my 2 DDs as that is what they need most at this stage of their lives (early 30s) and all in budget. I have already bought the gifts to wrap up this month and will pay the cash gifts for our DDs and food shop next month. Really detest January anyway so having a large credit card bill to pay is something I hate even more. Luckily we have enough disposable income monthly to use just November and Decembers spare income to cover Xmas. I retire next month though so will budget monthly from January as our total monthly income will go down by a few hundred each month.
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