MSE News: New fee-free overseas credit card to offer 0.5% cashback

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  • All my email says is,

    "You've told us you're interested in a better financial future with Tandem. Good News: You're at the top of the waitlist so you can now access the Tandem App and apply for a Tandem Cashback Credit Card."

    The email also includes links to the Tandem App, which I don't use and don't intend to use, and to the Tandem website.

    There is no indication of what number I was in the waitlist. However, I understood they would do a soft credit check before inviting you to apply.
  • I've just applied for the credit card, a very quick and straightforward procedure. First they asked for a mobile number and texted a confirmation code to me. They wanted name, address, monthly income, number of dependents - all the usual stuff. I was offered £3,000 credit limit at 18.9% APR, which I accepted. I then had to set up a PIN number, three security questions from the list they offered and a direct debit if I wanted to. They say the card will be posted out to me in a few days.
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    Does this come with proper statements (i.e. paper or PDF that you can download to save), or is it all completely app based?
  • I've just received my card and activated it today. Paper statements are sent in the post. There is no online account management yet, only the app. The customer services representative said the app is not compulsory, traditional paper statements is the default position.
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    I wonder if anybody is going to try to do a balance transfer to pay-off Tandem card. It is new, and I wonder, if e.g. MBNA would support to transfer the balances from Tandem. Does anybody know if balance transfers work straight away with brand new credit card companies?
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    I can not remember where I was in the queue but I've had my invite, applied and got my card and pin. I had to try a couple of times to get the application to work on the website. Perhaps it was busy. They replied promptly to my query about adding a second cardholder (answer, not at the moment). Very timely as the cashback rate on my NW Select card has just gone down.
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    Paper statements in the mail it is. The statement is very clear. No PDFs available anywhere I could find. Cashback is applied on the balance, so the bill is simply less to pay off. Tried balance transfer to mbna, did not work.
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    Do you get a paper statement every month, even when spend is zero? If so quite a lot of unnecessary paper for a credit card I'll only use when on holiday...

    Edit: Found the answer "We’ll send you a statement each month you used your card or have a balance. On it you’ll see a minimum payment and your total balance."
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