Best place to sell used (but in great quality) books

Hello all,

I was a long time member from the past, under the same username, waaay back when this site was not long set up!

I've just popped in to ask where is the best place to sell used but in great quality books?

I tried Amazon this morning and couldn't wade through their buyer central bureaucracy, then they said they weren't taking more applications for the book that I wanted to sell (!!). I guess things have changed a bit since you had to buy books for every course and the demand just isn't the same, I have a variety of old course books that I've kept as well as non-fiction / self help type books.

Cheers in advance,



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    I sold some books to Ziffit recently and was quite surprised at how much I got. It's not the *best* price that you could get but if you want stuff gone it's very convenient. One tip, I found that they want all of the books that I tried to add, but I saved my list and then tried again a few days later, and found that they took about 30/50%.
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    How old is old? Depending on the subject they can become obsolete very quickly.
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    Cheers! I'll have a look.

    Not that old - several were from my CELTA and so kind of timeless in that the English Language doesn't change a great deal.

    Had a look: I'd rather keep them than accept prices such 0.34 pence for a nearly new books.
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    I buy many out of print books on Ebay and search by the book title. Of course as a seller you may have to wait around for a buyer to appear.
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    These are far from out of print, Amazon just doesn't seem to want to sell for people such as myself - selling books on once they've been used, they seem to be more aimed at small businesses who can pay their fees for their "service."
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