Disabled Bus Pass - Renewal Problems

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A friend of mine has had a disabled bus pass since before reaching age 60 (when he, like every one else in the area, would have qualified for a bus pass anyway on grounds of age). My wife and I, who have both had bus passes since age 60 recently received new ones automatically renewed for 5 years. My friend, whose pass also expires on 30 September, received a letter, brochure and form to re-apply for a new one. Apart from having to send in copies of various ID documents, he is in receipt of DLA and Higher Rate Mobility Allowance and marked the form appropriately. He's had a bit of a run around with the Council (Herts. C.C.) and still hasn't received a new pass with less than 2 weeks left on the old one. They are seemingly now asking for medical evidence, e.g. a Doctor's letter and he's worried that he won't be able to get an appointment in time and will have to pay the doctor £20 or so for the letter.
His idea now is to forego the Disabled Pass and go for the age-related one (he's 74) on renewal instead. I've suggested to him that this would be tantamount to telling the County Council that he's no longer disabled and given the extent of information sharing that goes on nowadays across agencies where benefits are concerned, it could be a risky option.
He doesn't need the disabled carer's add-on and the only difference between the 2 types of pass seems to be a yellow stripe on the side of the disabled one and a blue one on the age-related one.
Any thoughts?


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    He should just apply for the age related one. It's not declaring that he's not disabled, it's taking the simpler option. I expect the LA would tell him to do the same.

    A 74 year old not renewing their disability pass will not be flagged to the DWP!
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    Our pensioner passes don't automatically renew. It is up to the holder to go to one of the library based distribution counters.

    It's a good thing I read this thread as I checked mine which is due for renewal on my birthday ,next year,but that means my husband's was out of date from yesterday, but no problem as we don't often use them.
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    On the whole it wouldn't make a difference but it depends where you live.

    For example I live in Leicester City and with a disabled pass I get free travel at all times and free travel on local trains as far as Nottingham, Derby, Nuneaton, Kettering and Peterborough.

    With a senior citizens pass you half to pay half fare before 9.30am and only get half fare on trains. Senior citizens with a disability are advised to have a disabled pass.

    If you live in the county it makes no difference as neither pass can be used before 9.30am and there is no train discount
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