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Living in my first house with a garden I was super excited to start gardening and have had some relative success. The only thing that hasn't gone to plan is the ridiculous number of slugs that appear in my garden.
I started using slug bait but soon figured out that if the bodies aren't removed within a day, the flies start filling the garden (particularly after a 2 week summer holiday!). I also don't really like using this for wildlife reasons.
I put beer traps in the garden yesterday for the first time, emptied them tonight (less than 24 hours) and have well over 50 slugs in a tiny garden so it is clearly effective but the lids in the ones I bought are a pain to remove.

Does anyone have any suggestions on some slug traps with lids that are easy to remove or homemade versions which work well? I don't mind emptying them daily but I want it to be a quick job rather than wrestling with each trap!


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    Any sort of tub will do, with some sort of cover across the top to keep the rain out, but with the cover raised enough to let the slugs in. And any cheap beer as bait - possibly supermarket own-brand value range.

    However, you can use other fermentation products - any yeast or lactobacillus culture will work - another reason to keep a sourdough culture going in the kitchen! Or at this time of year, a tub of rotting fruit is good!
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    Would a tub that spread comes in do the job?

    I hate the things myself so could not use a tub. I have to use pellets.
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