Don't accept change of address fees from any company when you move.

So. We moved house and had 20 plus companies to contact with our change of address. Time consuming but it has to be done.
Our Car insurance company had long queues and their chat line let you fill a change of address form in, then said it wasn't available.
After several attempts with the same thing happening, got peed of and found CEO email address via Google.
It worked! Somebody rang us back :) Then the bad news - there would be a fee of £39 for both the Meriva and the motorhome! Plus the Meriva premium would increase by £100!!
Argued the toss with their Customer Service and after looking into it, they could reduce the premium increase to £30, but we would still have to pay £78 change of address fees!!!
GRRRRRRRR!!!! Another email to CEO explaining all this and pointing out that 20+ other companies had changed address without finding it necessary to charge AND they would probably lose someone who had been a customer for 7 years.

And lo & behold, Customer Service rang back and the change of address fees were cancelled - just the £30 to pay.

Job done!! :D
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