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Google verification code

edited 31 August 2017 at 2:19AM in Techie Stuff
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edited 31 August 2017 at 2:19AM in Techie Stuff
Yesterday, out of the blue, I received a text message saying:

"G-xxxxxx (six-digit number) is your Google verification code."

I haven't requested this, I haven't made any changes to my settings, I haven't signed in from a new device and I don't use two-part verification. I'm concerned that someone is trying to log into my Gmail account and generating an SMS to the phone number I have registered with Google for security purposes. As they won't be getting the verification code, I am guessing that they won't be successful. There are other, more benign, explanations, such as someone having mistakenly entered my mobile number as their secondary ID with Google, but when I check the sender's phone number (+592 683 0193) is seems to originate in Guyana. This does not seem legit to me.

Do I need to be worried? My Google password is a very strong mixture of letters, capitals and numbers with nothing recognisable in it, and I changed it a few weeks ago. Should I change it again?
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  • GillorGillor Forumite
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    There is the other possibility that you could have a keylogger on your computer and a hacker is trying to log in to your account, obviously from a device that Google doesn’t recognise.

    Personally I would deep scan with something like Malwarebytes, Zemana Anti- Malware and Hitman Pro (or all three to be on the safe side) and change your password again as soon as possible before someone else does and potentially locks you out of your own account.
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