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Broadband speeds

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SmileykateSmileykate Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Techie Stuff
Really hope someone is able to help. Although I live about 15 miles between 2 major towns our internet speed has been virtually useless at less than 1.
At the beginning of August Sky told me that fibre was now available for us so i got in touch with our provider Plusnet to get it changed. After lots of issues we were upgraded by Plusnet last Thursday and since then we have had no broadband connection at all. An engineer from open reach has been today and said that it is due to the main box being too far away from us (3.5km) and there was nothing I could do.
Ive been back in touch with Plusnet who are wanting to put me onto a new 2 year contract to go back to my less than 1 speed which I really don't think is fair. Because of this i contacted sky as they were really helpful in the first instance and they said they would be able to do fibre unlimited - giving me a speed of 39 -40 but I am very confused and don't want to waste another 3 weeks finding out that their package doesn't work either. Are they right saying that even though they use the same box / line Sky can provide this service when plusnet can't.
Thank you.


  • GloomendoomGloomendoom Forumite
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    If you are 3.5 km from the cabinet and connected to it via an ordinary copper phone line, I doubt very much that you will get 39-40 from anyone.

    Put your details in the Openreach availability checker and see what that says.
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    HeedtheadviceHeedtheadvice Forumite
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    Assuming what you have been told and wrote about the limitation bring the distance to the box then I would maintain that Sky are incorrect.

    In simple terms:
    At a distance of 3.5km to the -edit! Exchange (not cabinet) the best you could expect would be 5Mb/s for ADSL/ADSL2.

    For fibre FTTC speed at a distance of 3km to the cabinet falls to below 10Mb/s.

    Those really are maximum speeds you could expect and depend on the amount of noise, attenuation and crosstalk on the lines.

    There are slight differences between the ISP speeds but normally nothing of great significance as they all depend for the final leg to your router on the Openreach copper connection to the cabinet.

    You do seem to be getting a very slow speed if you just get 1 (I assume you mean Mb/s download speed)
  • Thank you so much. Checked those figures and think they are the ones they have been telling me
  • Thank you Heedtheadvice. We would be delighted if we got 5 so we will see what happens!
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    HeedtheadviceHeedtheadvice Forumite
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    Please note edit in post above!! The ADSL Max speed is for distance to the exchange. Kate, you will have to find out where your exchange is (might not be in the towns!) to estimate what your max might be.

    Moving to Fttc should give you a max possible speed increase but would not expect it to be in the order suggested by Sky. That is more likely to be the max they deliver anywhere!!

    Beforechanging Kate it might be best to get your plusnet BB working again and then doing some measurements. Not difficult your router will be able to produce them on one of it's web pages. That might show why you are so far away from the maximum you might expect!
    The openreach engineer should have tested the line from house to cabinet but you may also have a problem in your house.
    You could be wasting a lot of time by just switching to Sky and not get any faster and end up with a router that is no better - or even worse! Plusnet or other good ISPs should not be that much different to each other as the greatest limiting factor for Fibre To The Cabinet is your distance to it and that is common to all suppliers using Openreach. Virgin (as far as I am aware use their own systems so might do better, if available to you(!) at a cost.

    To sum up, you might not be getting the best you can currently;
    Fibre should be better but not lightening quick;
    Virgin excepted, there should be little difference between suppliers.
    ........that's the theory anyway!

    If you want to know how to do it post on here again. There will be several members more than happy to help.
  • forgotmynameforgotmyname Forumite
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    With Fibre its not the distance from the main exchange but the local box in your street.

    My max is around 4MB on standard lines, but when i had Plusnet Fibre my speed was a rock solid 73MB.

    How far is the local fibre box?
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  • Thank you for your replies. I wanted to back to our original broadband then spend some time researching our options a bit more but plusnet have said to do this I have to go on to a new contract with them so I'm stuck really as we don't have any broadband at all at the moment
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    DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    What do you use the internet for ?

    Who is your mobile phone contract with ?

    What im thinking is you buy a data sim for your network with a reasonable amount of data and a router eg 4g router.

    Just a solution to provide some kind of internet access for the moment.
  • Thanks for everyone's help. Sky have now said they don't think they will be able to provide us with broadband and so I've been in touch with BT. After about 12 hours on the phone over 5 weeks i have now spoken to someone who wanted to help - although infinity is available at a speed of 38mb the copper broadband shows a speed of 1 - 3.5 but the expected speed would be 1. So now back to square one
  • HeedtheadviceHeedtheadvice Forumite
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    Good bit of lateral thinking by DCFC!

    If 1Mb/s does not meet your need for download (and upload will probably be a fraction of that) 4G might be one alternative though personally I have no idea of that cost!

    Other communities that have similar problems have grouped together to provide their own communication system to the faster part of the network.
    Bit old now but see
    Or gov up to date web page
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