Will they cut me off even if I'm still paying??

You don't really need to read all of this. My real question is in the final paragraph.

My broadband service was appalling - with intermittent sync errors constantly interrupting my service. I spent hours trying to get help to no avail. Finally, after 9 days of hardly any internet service, I managed to persuade them to arrange for an engineer to call out.

The engineer called the following day, whilst I was in work, with no notice given. He rang me to say he needed access to my home as he thought that was where my problem lay. I begged him to come back the next day but he refused saying I had to go through Talk Talk. I did try to get them to send me another engineer but it was like banging my head against a brick wall.

In desperation I rang an independent engineer and he replaced my wiring and socket. My broadband was back! This was last Thursday. It cost me £75.

I heard nothing whatsoever from Talk Talk until yesterday I had a text saying that my line seemed to be working perfectly so they were closing my case. I rang them again and was put through to a manager who said I could not claim compensation.

But, the real problem is that after the engineer visit I wrote to say I was cancelling my Direct Debit, blah, blah. I did but when my broadband was fixed I paid this month's £32 (before it was due) and reinstated my DD. Last night I had an email saying that "I am sorry that you have decided to leave TalkTalk. Your services with us will disconnect on 22nd September 2017. You will incur a disconnection charge of £271.96 for the remainder of your 24-month contract." "If you do change your mind, we will be happy to help you keep your services with us, you can call us on 0345 172 0088 but we would need to know in the next seven days."

Can they cut me off? I can't bear the thought of having to speak to another Talk Talk minion ever again!!


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    There's two ways you can find out.

    1. Call them and ask.

    3. Wait to see if you are cut off on 22 September, get charged £271, try to find another provider and be without broadband for a few days.

    I know what my preference would be.
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    Hi Freckles680

    I'm really sorry about the connection issues you've experienced.
    Did you request to cancel the service when you wrote to us about cancelling the direct debit? or did you ask for another provider to take over the line?

    The best thing to do so that we can take a look into what is happening is have a chat to us at talktalk.co.uk/chat we will be able to take some details and investigate what is happening for you.


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    (In desperation I rang an independent engineer and he replaced my wiring and socket. My broadband was back! This was last Thursday. It cost me £75.)

    So it was your fault ?.
    BT OR engineers are not likely to have done anything but charge you for the call out .

    You are in lawful contract and cancelling the DD can heap piles of !!!! on you don't mind having to pay the balance .

    I would be nice to the TT rep and hope they will reinstate your contract .
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    The fact changes to your internal wiring means it was your responsibility.

    You've saved money as the Openreach charge would have been £129.

    You need to call TT and ensure no cancellation orders are in progress.
  • Can they cut me off? I can't bear the thought of having to speak to another Talk Talk minion ever again!!

    I'm sure you would find the staff very helpful if you changed your attitude towards them.
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    OP you need to re-evaluate the situation and change your approach to Talktalk.

    By having your own engineer come out and complete repair work internally within your home, proves it was a fault on the wiring/socket within your home - which is not Openreach or your ISP's responsibility. Their liability ends when the copper cable terminates in your home.

    So as someone mentioned above, it's better you paid your own engineer £75 than the £120 odd Openreach would've charged you for the call out...

    Just contact Talktalk via phone or chat, just state you wish to resume your services, reinstate the Direct Debit and make sure you pay any outstanding monies owed if any. Then move on with life! :p
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