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711 million email addresses/passwords compromised

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SpanishBlueSpanishBlue Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Techie Stuff
711,477,622 email addresses/passwords have been compromised according to "Have I been pwned?"

Should we be worried?


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    esuhlesuhl Forumite
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    Harrumph. My personal email address is listed.

    At first I was puzzled as I don't use this address as a login, but apparently there are both email/password logins and just email address to send spam to.
  • poppellerantpoppellerant Forumite
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    It'd be interesting to see which password they are using - that'd tell me how recent their password is and if I needed to change it. As it happens I don't know, so I'll change my passwords anyway.

  • AndyPixAndyPix Forumite
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    This is very old news
  • RumRatRumRat Forumite
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    Should we be worried?
    No, not really, they are used mainly for spam and have been out there for some time.
    Anyway, lifes far too short.....;)
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  • S0litaireS0litaire Forumite
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    That's the main problem with sites like "HiBP".
    you can't tell what password is listed in the list.
    So it's hard to tell if it's from an old list (and you've since changed your password!)
    Or it's a new list (Then a new password is required!)


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  • kwikbreakskwikbreaks Forumite
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    Although some passwords are in plain text most are going to be hashes which shouldn't be possible to convert back to a password. If the companies were taking any care at all of user data there should be no plain text passwords but it seems that 000webhost for one did store plain text passwords. One of mine is there but is of zero consequence to me.
  • LorianLorian Forumite
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    This list is not quite what it seems.

    Of the 112 entries on it that belong in my email domains 109 are totally random made up addresses that have never existed, and the other 3 were compromised a long time ago in other events.
  • forgotmynameforgotmyname Forumite
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    000webhost could be the one i used and that email address comes up on the list. But i never reuse passwords and they are all unique in format.

    I have a very random way of creating passwords, whats currently on my desk or on my screen and then jumble it around with a mix of numbers etc.
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