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Help please fined for riding my bike what do i do



  • Kimbergirl111Kimbergirl111 Forumite
    22 Posts
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    Only thing I done wrong by was riding my bike!!!!!
  • harz99harz99 Forumite
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    Kimbergirl111, if you gave answers to these previous posts, maybe, just maybe, somebody will be able to advise you!

    Going off on one, won't get you sensible advise, answering these questions just might...

    Laz123 wrote: »
    OP how old are you?
    KeithP wrote: »
    Gobbled was an area?? Do you mean error?

    Perhaps if you were to read what you were posting before actually posting, your posts would make more sense.

    Did this cycling take place on a pavement beside a public road?
    Or in a pedestrian precinct?
    Or perhaps even in a covered shopping mall?
    Or somewhere else?

    Please clarify.
  • Kimbergirl111Kimbergirl111 Forumite
    22 Posts
    Third Anniversary
    Keith p you are starting to get on my nerves!!! Don't comment you troll!! Bullying someone because of there spellings is wrong!!!! So what if I can't spell!!! It's a learning difficulty and you take the damn Mick! I'm fed up with people like you, going on forums and moaning about spellings! Clearly got nothing better to do then be horrible, every post you done this! Most the people that take the mick clearly are breaking the rules as this is to get advice etc, not to be horrible, so good job!!!!

    I am a very safe bike rider! Never once have I hurt anyone, I always consider people's feelings and go out my way for people even strangers! Only time my mouth goes is when someone's mouth goes towards me! I didn't do wrong only wrong thing I done was ride my bike!!!!!!! He stopped me, was rude towards me straight away, I was on my bike for few seconds going slow, and yet he targeted me and gave me a fine! Which I questioned and went off on one because you don't ignore others or not give others fine! You treat everyone equally! And he didn't! Clearly because I'm a girl!!!!! He should of stopped me and asked me to get off and not to do it again! But he never but a guy he said that to and never gave him a fine!! How does that work, sexist or what, and yet he then followed me harrasing me etc, all because I said il get back on it, when any one would see I wasn't getting back on it. He had no right acting the way he did,

    Thank you for everyone on here that did give me helpful information, I really do appreciate it, and thanks for not all picking on me due to my spellings!! Unlike some
  • Kimbergirl111Kimbergirl111 Forumite
    22 Posts
    Third Anniversary
    Lady dee

    Yes he did deserve to be spoken to like that, he spoke to me rudely first, so I'm not going to have that no way, I even had random strangers standing up for me. So don't just assume he is right and I ain't as it's not the case! And you certainly do not stop someone and give them a ticket, then stop a man and say carry on don't do it again! Sexist or what, and that guy was going faster! Of course il question it of course il go off on one! When firstly he was rude first and didn't give me a warning he just fined me!!! But he didn't do it to all, he done wrong. I even went to to citizen advice who agreed with me,with everything, respect works both ways, and he just showed off in front of his boys that's not call,

    I only done wrong by riding my bike like everyone else did.

    Thank you to all those that did give good advice
  • KeithPKeithP Forumite
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    Only thing I done wrong by was riding my bike!!!!!

    And once again... where were you riding your bike?
  • RetrogamerRetrogamer Forumite
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    Where were you cycling "slowly and just for a moment"? What was the reason for the ticket?
    All your base are belong to us.
  • Laz123Laz123 Forumite
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    Skool holidias r hear agin.
  • martindowmartindow Forumite
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    If I had a Pound for every ! in this thread ...
  • RuthnJasperRuthnJasper Forumite
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    Also bear in mind that a recent high-profile court case involved a cyclist (albeit on a road) who killed a pedestrian.

    Kimbergirl111, regardless of what he said or did you should not have shouted back. Neither should you have been on the pavement with your bicycle. He might have been a useless rent-a-plod but you can argue with him without swearing, shouting and ranting.

    Contact the council and see what they say. Don't "gob-off" at them as well.

    Your responses to people on this thread aren't very nice.
  • esuhl wrote: »
    I'm no expert on road traffic law, but I don't see how you can be fined by some random private company. I definitely wouldn't have given them any details.
    Its the council doing the fining. and too right too, cant stand cyclists who ignore the law
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