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The Super September NSD Thread!



  • Kittychick
    Having yesterday as 4/10 come on!!!
  • marmiterulesok
    Haha I have never been to Margate...maybe I will add it to the bucket list :rotfl: We are off to Italy for 2 weeks to celebrate our big birthdays! Booked when I was CC happy and frivolous!

    Today should be a NSD all being well. Although have had to spend £70 on a residents parking scheme that is coming in to effect in our area on the 16th September :( it's an unfortunate necessity and coming out of the joint account so not counting it. We voted against the permit scheme...£70 for the privilege to park our cars in EXACTLY the same way...thanks...

    Please declare the nsd i.e. #4 or nsd 7 etc and don't leave me guessing.thanks x
    Kittychick wrote: »
    Just caught up on the thread Marmite-yep I miscalculated, I started on 31st August but if it's OK I'll have that as my first (and only do far)...
    Prob not NSD today, at the quiz tonight and Husband normally pays but sometimes I pay for raffle ticket... If I don't ill pop back... Going to have to get myself in gear as I'm on 1/10 do far.. When Husband is back in work it's always easier as temptation to pop out isn't there...

    No,that's fine for you to start on the last day of August. :)

    2/10 NSD's for me as achieved another one today.

    Won't be one tomorrow as need to pay for both kids planners for school.

    Could you have a budget for the kids' planners or set the money aside,thus making it an 'accounted for' spend? :cool:
  • marmiterulesok
    So I'm waiting in Gatwick for my flight home and have the time to update,but because I don't have my trusty piece of paper with all your targets on it (I think Hubert might have eaten it) and because I wanted to highlight the totals,I might have given you a wrong target number. :o
    Please check as my little brain is a bit sozzled *

    * necessary before any flights as I'm a better flyer when I'm less stressed and a nice drink or two takes the edge off.
  • marmiterulesok
    As to where I am nsd wise, I have no idea but optimistically I'm claiming two more,meaning that I'm at #4. :)
  • marmiterulesok
    Well done everyone btw!!!!!
  • Nargleblast
    Nargleblast Posts: 10,762 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Post First Anniversary Debt-free and Proud!
    I am now the proud owner of 9 NSDs - on a roll this month!
    One life - your life - live it!
  • Tjzdazz
    Not having as good a month as hoped, due to a couple of key birthdays but that's 2 NSDs in a row and hoping to build on that
  • arc2014
    arc2014 Posts: 194 Forumite
    First Post Combo Breaker First Anniversary I've been Money Tipped!
    #7 - 13/9

    Hoping for another one today! So far so good...
  • I_Want_to_be_Free
    Hiya everyone :wave:, I hope it's ok to keep popping in despite not having a number. I managed to get my 2nd NSD yesterday which was a bit of a surprise! :rotfl: I had to get some shopping today so I am all prepped to capture my 3rd NSD tomorrow. Fingers crossed as my fuel light may come on... Oh well, hope you're all having a great week :beer: xxx
  • Reb2016
    Reb2016 Posts: 176 Forumite
    NSD 5 yesterday and 6 today and that makes it 4 in a row:j
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