bonusbond mastercard

I have just been offered this card and after checking bonusbond website i found out i can only use it in certain shops. please can anyone tell me if they have used it in iceland and how easy is it since there is no pin with the card. thank you


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    not a stoozing or credit card question.

    but yes you can use them at iceland, they work like any other kind of multi store gift card, they just get swiped at the checkout.

    it only says its a MasterCard card because it uses the MasterCard payment network to link back to bonusbond systems
  • Did you ever mange to use the card as I have been refused when in an Iceland store. Thank you in advance for any reply.
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    Wife had the same problem in Iceland. She's a bit of an insistent-bunny so got the manager over who advised the checkout operator to process them through as a Mastercard payment. They scanned perfectly then!

    I'm thinking that's how you can use them online also. Just select Mastercard and put in your 16 digit number, expiry date and 3-digit code on the back of the card.

    Fingers crossed!

    Stay happy & enjoy yourself - no matter what !
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