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How to track down money from Bradford & Bingley shares sold by Registrars

I am trying to track down the money I'm owed from the forced sale of some Bradford & Bingley shares I didn't know I had received when they converted.
I think there is around £850 owing as the shares were sold at some point by the Registrars, presumably when the B&B merged with someone. Note the sale happened way before the B&B shareholders lost their shirts.
I was contacted about this a while ago by one of the firms who track old shareholders etc down - but I couldn't prove to their satisfaction that I lived where the account was registered - rented house and I never had a bill or used the NHS, other bank accounts. Nobody but B&B had the address ironically. So, I couldn't prove they were mine/prove I lived there and they stopped responding to my contact. And I've lost their details - stupid!
Now, I have found the original passbook and a statement from the B&B with the correct address on, account type, number etc etc.
Can anyone let me know who I should contact/how to proceed? I've tried an unclaimed asset search via the BBA 'MyLostAccount' service, but don;t know where to look next.
- They aren't shares any more, so would the services that track down shares be any good?
- But they aren't money in a bank account associated with me either?

Any advice much appreciated! Thanks, John


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    johnrduffy wrote: »
    ...I am trying to track down the money I'm owed from the forced sale of some Bradford & Bingley shares I didn't know I had received when they converted....

    The obvious thing that occurs to me is that Bradford & Bingley PLC went bust back in September 2008. It was nationalised by the government. It was later determined that shares in the bank were worth exactly £0.

    I don't know whether or not any shares that you would have been allocated back in 2000 were sold for cash sometime before 2008. But this article here states that registrars were Computershare Investor Services, PO Box 1913, The Pavilions, Bridgwater Road, Bristol, BS99 2PR.

    They should know.
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    According to this article, when demutualisations took place unclaimed shares were held for 3 years, then sold and the cash held for a further 9 years. B&B demutualised in 2000 so even if B&B hadn't been wound up it would be too late to claim the cash.
  • I smile when I look at the 'Sales Advice Note' from Computershare dated August 2007, the B&B shares were the last equities Digger Mansions held.
    We lost Mrs.D's advice note, but my advice note is destined to be framed and put on the office wall when I get round to it.

    The P.O. Box number we have is 1169, which is different to the one provided by antrobus, don't think it makes a lot of difference. The postcode is BS99 2PJ..._
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