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Hello i'm new to the forum and just wondered what the average water usage/bill might be for a 2 bed property with 2 adults. Ever since having a meter installed my bill has increased from around the £25 per month to up to £58 per month. It's now down to £23 per month but only due credit carried over from my previous bill. From my latest bill I used 70 cubic metres from July '16- Jan '17 and 22 cubic meres from Jan '17 - July'17. Does that sound about right as we do everything to lower the usage. We use the washing machine 1-2 times per week, we don't have a dishwater or garden. We mainly have strip washes and have a bath 1-2 times per week (we don't have a shower. Could the water company be reading the wrong meter as i'm in a block of maisonettes (4 ground floor and 4 above) and the metres are in a line outside the property.


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    Welcome to the Forum.

    Water charges vary hugely according to the district of UK in which you live.

    Those in the South West can pay over 3 times as much as some other parts of England.

    For two people the average annual consumption is around 110 cubic metres. Thus your 92 cubic metres from July 2016 to July 2017 is below average consumption.

    So go on your company's website and you can check prices.
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    You can go an check your meter (with a bit of effort) to make sure that the one that's connected to your masonette is the the one you are being charged for. The meter has a serial number which should be the same as the one on your bill.

    To check which one is yoursm you'll need someone inside with a mobile phone and someone outside to open all the holes with the person up stairs turning a tap on and off till you've identified yours.

    As to consumption, as Cardew says the average is about 55cu.m per person. We manage about 36 per person without really trying although we do have an automatic garden watering system running from it as well as washing the two cars and caravan several time a year.
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  • Thanks for your replies, I was unaware of the average use, i'm with South East Water
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    If the meter was installed within the last 12m, you can have it disregarded and revert to RV billing-unless the water utility imposed the meter fitment.
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