Multiple Applications Advice Please

After reading some excellent posts on here regarding some impressive amounts obtained in avaliable credit I am looking to catch up with the pros on here. Advice would be gratefully recieved on the following plan of action. I am looking to make multiple applications in a day to gain the most avaliable credit (some to stooze and some for 0 % purchases). Current situation is I have a 2.4k limit (starting) on a halifax card which is used and paid off every month to help build credit file. This is approx 4 months old and my first and only credit card. In approx 3 months time (so a full 6 -7 months with 0 searches against me) I am thinking of applying for the following credit cards in order of who may hopefully give me reasonably decent credit limits (5k +).

1) Barclaycard (I have a premier account with barclays and put the required income through it)
4) Virgin
5) Creation/Tescos/Amex
Plus increase the limit on my current halifax card as i should be eligable after 6/7 months responsible usage.

I am hesitant to apply for more than 5 credit cards in a day as am worried this will be picked up via the fraud agencies Cifas/National Hunter and only one or 2 get accepted. What are peoples opinions and experiances with this?
Any providers you think are preferred over the ones listed?
Would you really apply for more than 5 if so, with who?

Anyone recieved decent STARTING limits with:
Sainsburys/ AA / Yorkshire Bank / CO Operative / Natwest / TSB/ Lloyds/ Metro

I am staying away from Santander and Nationwide, due to a family member in a similar situation to me was approved but with v low limits.

Yes on the electoral register, all credit files with CRA's look ok.
I earn well but have limited history of borrowing due to being a homeowner with no mortgage and non use of credit cards apart from the halifax one listed.

All advice welcome. :D


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    What is your plan to actually build a stooz pot?

    All your applications could build you a large amount of available credit but how are you planning to use it? You don't currently have a balance to transfer. Is one of your applications going to be for a card with a Money Transfer offer? If you get a 0% purchases card you can start a slow stooz but you'd want to get that card first.
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    Thanks for your reply, I have received a money transfer offer recently on my current card, but would also be making an application for at least 1 or 2 other money transfer cards within the multiple applications on the same day. I am looking to do some home improvements also, so am trying to get a large enough 0% purchasing power to cover that as well as some stoozing. The main point of this thread is to establish which credit card providers are more likely than others to offer larger initial limits and go from there.
    I know from other threads, posters have applied for 8 plus cards in one go, I am am just concerned this would surely flag up as possible fraudulent applications and be more trouble than its worth.
    If I could get to 25k with as few applications as possible that would be great, but then if i can get access to more to stooze then why not?
  • TheShape
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    Thread re multiple applications:

    I've seen MBNA mentioned as a provider that tends to offer higher limits. There is bound to be a thread dedicated to level of credit limits offered.
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