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  • wishingthemortgaheaway
    Open the fizz, have a fabulous weekend and forget about cleaning.
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  • Greying_Pilgrim
    Open the fizz, have a fabulous weekend and forget about cleaning.

    ^^^ABSOLUTELY^^^ seconded^^^ - hope you've several bottles...... :D;):D

    Greying X
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  • bexster1975
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    I love reading it Fortune. There are some excellent threads on here, but yours reads like a story. I can almost picture your place which is fab.

    Hope hubby home safe and children soon to arrive

    Bexster :)

    ETA: Thirded! Re: fizz
  • maddiemay
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    Have a wonderful weekend with your family:D
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  • Downshifterella
    Enjoy!!! ��
    MF planning for the simple life :beer::j
  • muddywhitechicken
    It's never too early for fizz Fortune - enjoy your weekend :)
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  • doingitanyway
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    Fizz is a 24/7 tipple. Enjoy :)
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  • Karmacat
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    Oh my goodness. Hotel shower caps for proving dough!!!! That is a genius idea. Please consider that one well and truly stolen.
    I love that idea too :j I could have used the posh Body Shop body scrub things, but I think I put them into the charity shop :o

    Hi there Wish. I did think about taking some before and after pics but the before pics were so disgusting I would be too embarrassed to share them :rotfl:
    As has been said - it wasn't you wot dirtied them! But disappointed to hear that Photob are now charging for an account - I'm sure I used to have an account there, and it makes sense of some people's sigs I've seen on other forums, a blank photobucket logo where a pic used to be. I'm on flickr - i really hope they don't follow suit!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)
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  • greent
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    Hope you've had a lovely weekend with your guests :)
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  • Fortune_Smiles
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    Thank you everyone. We had a wonderful weekend and lots of fizz was consumed - although I did hold out until my guests arrived ;)

    It was so lovely to finally stop working and just enjoy the house. It really came to life with family and friends here. They were all delighted with a much shorter travel time too.

    We managed without the downstairs loo, however, the plumber came this morning to sort it out. Concrete was involved :eek: so it will be Wednesday before it's operational.

    A telephone engineer arrived this morning too so Mr F now has a business line and some trees which were pressing against the lines have been cut back and no longer pose a threat to our broadband.

    In between making cups of tea for the workmen I managed to catch up on some paperwork and spent the afternoon ironing Mr F's shirts ready for his next business trip tomorrow. For the first time in ages, I felt like I had a normal, routine day :cool:

    I managed to save a few pounds on this week's grocery shop so can now cover the plumber's bill without raiding the emergency fund and have a little towards this month's op too.

    My personal funds have taken a hit though. Two pairs of my jeans have lost the will to live. They were getting a bit thin over the thighs and had torn a little then I managed to put my foot through the tear in both pairs and rip them from seam to seam. It's not a look I can carry off :rotfl: They have been relegated to the bin and a couple of new pairs ordered from Mark$. I'm not holding out much hope for the new ones though. I find it very difficult to get jeans that fit properly.

    It's an early night for us tonight as the chaos of the last few weeks plus a weekend of partying has taken its toll. I am looking forward to a gentle day out in the market town tomorrow to continue my recovery :rotfl:

    Happy Monday all

    Fortune x
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