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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Hello. Just waiting as dinner cooks. Chicken pie (Rtc) with roast parsnips and potatoes from freezer, cauliflower, peas and carrots.

    A pleasant day off...much better way to spend a Thursday!

    Made a decision to stop cleaner so last one today. Not even so much the expense but the fact I’m home more than I was at start of job so I do have time .

    Went into town with DD2. Bought her a new bed. Much needed. Going halfers.

    Returned a shoddily made fancy dress costume she’d bought yesterday. We want a cash refund. We only do exchange or credit note. Under the 2015 Consumer Law...blah blah blah...let me go and phone my can’t refund it because you don’t like fabric...yes but the fabric isn’t even sewn properly therefore it’s faulty ( sighing by this point ) she got her £19.99 back! Then she took a pair of jeans back to another shop and was happy to deal with them herself.

    Quick nip into M&S and Rtc pie for tea.

    Then down to my very old work for lunch. Bought a few pretty decorations which were 3 for 2.

    Home. Tiny snoozette on the sofa with the dog also snoozette-ing!

    Pottered around continuing to decorate seasonly.

    Right the oven has beeped and the roasties look fab! Have a lovely evening:)
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Pleasures for today (Thursday)

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Cleaned most of the downstairs this morning, including the windows.

    3) Hen keeps going! Just opened the door to the sleeping quarters during daylight so she got sunlight and fresh air.

    4) Took smaller son to town and the wool shop is closing down (its been there at least 40 years that I know of). Bought some wool for crocheting. Had some doughnuts. Popped to Sainsburys.

    5) Made toffee apple traybake which is edible (being cake) but quite unexciting.

    6) Just talking to smaller son about his options at the dentist and he said "I want one of those seduction things"! :-D

    Big meeting tomorrow where we discuss smaller son's education (or lack thereof). I'm not sure why anyone thought putting him into mainstream after 7 years would work. The only school suitable round here is £35,000 p.a but he'd rather re-take some GCSEs from home...
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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    Frith fingers crossed the meeting goes well.

    1. Bus did stop in the morning. Thought it wasn't going too and only started braking at the bus stop.

    2. Work - help of someone saved the day. She works in a different department but went beyond what she needed to do. I did see parts of hospital that I hadn't been too before.

    3. DS1 recovering from his cold and more cheerful. He is out tonight and hopefully tomorrow too.

    4. DH enjoyed his pruning course which was his birthday present. He also had a tour round Savill gardens.

    5. Tea from freezer.
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Likewise on the meeting Frith it’s appalling the way you have all been treated by that place.

    Thursday pleasures,

    Weather was mild with lots of sunshine.

    Chat with pal at yard, time spent with girlie and just being outside on such a lovely autumn day.

    Picked up parcel from PO, a wool winter coat found on Eb*y, well made and warm it will last me years, now looking forward to colder weather :)

    Caught up with Only Connect.

    Capt S was excused from going to meeting and last we checked when going to bed they were still going at 11pm!
  • juliettetjuliettet Forumite
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    My 5 for yesterday

    1. Attended Jury service at the High court yesterday. The pleasure being I got sent home and no going back for this one.

    2. Walked around Glasgow in the brief sunshine. I love this city.

    3. Best ever almond croissant from M&S

    4. Back early and did housework. Place is clean and shining for the weekend.

    5. New book started. Glasgow crime story. Laughed at the irony.
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  • VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    Morning all.

    Meant to say, Nargle, it sounds like lovely send off for your OH..
    Mhags - I stopped my cleaner when I started the PhD, partly because I was earning less but also the inconvenience of having her here while I was trying to work outweighed the inconvenience of doing it myself. Mind, OH and DS (who lived here then) said they'd help with the cleaning, which hasn't always been the case. OH will mop a floor occasionally and expect to be showered with praise.. :rotfl:
    Frith :mad: on your behalf..

    Pleasures for yesterday

    1. Nice walks to and from stations. I'm quite liking my trip to a new city - though I don't much like the city.
    2. Good teaching, although I think i'm blowing their minds so I need to be gentler with the little darlings.. :rotfl:
    3. second 5:2 day. Nice food, just not enough of it :p
    4. Watching !!!! and Angel at the chateau. Such a lovely gentle programme
    5. DD has got an interview for a job she wants :T

    Have a lovely day all - typing for me plus a bit of shopping later.

    EDIT: Stupid filter - !!!! is D i c k
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  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    juliettet I too love Glasgow. Son was there for 3 years, new part-time lodger now lives there so more visits planned :D
    frith all the best with the meeting
    For yesterday
    1) last of pate lo from church event for lunch with a ys granary roll yum
    2) lunch time excellent talk about the NHS and climate change. Scary stuff but needs to be out there
    3) gbf picked me up after work cos we were going to a talk by Dame Prof Jocelyn Burnell-Bell on the universe and hope. called in on boys on the way through for their comfort (and ours for our return later!)
    4) great talk, huge audience. refreshments after were all soft drinks (usually there's always wine). not sure if that's a new move from the uni or because Dame Jocelyn is Quaker, but have to say i heartily approve (despite as you know being very keen on wobbleade)
    5) back home gbf and i had cheese and toast - cheese was also lo from church do. gbf ate all the blue cheese, good i don't like blue cheese. then we had lo custard tarts from a work event :D
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    Nows theres not what you thoughts, but a eating house of old. Talking of eating house, BoP has gotten the stakes inn for tonights meal at Gaff of BoP. Fillet stakes, toms and grilled mushrooms. Done proper. More details tomorrow after the tasting. Proper food and good for you.

    BoPsie this very day packed her BoP’s lunch box a plenty, but she shorted him on the Rocky biscuits. No panic, it is BoPsie who has gone short. Not BoP! Got it, don’t mess with BoP, yous will end up inn tears! Tears of laffter! Got it?

    Nows I tooks BoPsie out to the emporium yesterday for some proper cheese and whine. I got some wobbleades and then home to raffles. Unfortuantely as BoP was up Norff Whippet siting, Raffles seems to have managed to be able to open his treat box at will and hes darn well finishe doff all his treats! So we had no treat for him last night. As I said in notes passim, BoPsie friend made a cushion of Adam Ant tee shirt. Raffles has done the right thing with that, and made it his home on top of drum. It is grey now with his furrs!

    Then BoP has his wobbleades and cheese watching Green Book, the film. Very good journey film in Crow country! Raffles was not treated, see above!

    Had poached egg and bits for brekfest this morning and wes seems to be out of best back for the weakened! No problem, as BoP will no doubt gets more inn on the weigh back from the mill. And I tells yous I wont be long for the mill this day!

    Thinks that is it from your version of the Life of BoP today. Enjoy your Lunch Bites!

    Drive your own weigh through life, as you’ll only make your own mistakes
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  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Hello. All is calm and quiet. Baby boy has just went home. Lovely to see...lovely to say goodbye! Niece had asked if I could watch him for a few hours till they had some quality time with GN (shopping and spending her birthday money and dinner) . Of course! We had a lovely time until he decided to start screaming and forgot to stop! He does get cross! Anyway we had 2 stinky nappies one after the other so I think he just had such a sore tummy. Was lovely and chatty again after that!

    Work was worked. Busy. Three hours went by quick. Nice walks to and from.

    Then a nice walk with baby to go and get DD2 after work ...Haggis was a bit put out he wasn’t coming !

    Met friends on way so walked back with them and had a nice chat.

    Nibbly kind of tea with a RTC chocolate eclair for pud.

    Washing was hung out and almost dry.
  • NargleblastNargleblast Forumite
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    Pleasures yesterday and today - yesterday, last day of holiday, enjoying freshly cooked fish and chips from the chippy, eaten by the river while dog splashed in and out of the water.

    Son saying how much he has enjoyed the holiday, he thought it would be a bit weird without his dad being there but in fact it was ok. We had a good time, thoroughly relaxing and self indulgent.

    Good journey home this morning, back by 11:30. It's only 1 hour 40 minutes drive. Nice to be back.

    Cat full of purr since we got back, I think he missed us.

    Two loads of washing done, leftover stale bread brought back has been turned into bread and butter pud for tomorrow.

    Letter from HMRC - I am due a tax refund of over £600, will get it in next few days. I think it was because of my change of contracts last year where I had about a month transitioning to the new reduced hours contract. Money will be most welcome.

    Smoked haddock, rough mash with a bit of cheese, spinach, parsley sauce, fresh bread and butter for dinner. Son had a few prawns with his that needed using up out of the freezer.

    Enough stuff in fridge, freezer and cupboards to do the weekend meals so no need to shop till next week.

    Sneaked up to bed at 20:30 to read and catch up online. Holiday accommodation is nice but there's no place like home.
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