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Hiya - I'm wanting to get a credit card to build my credit rating. Although it's showing as 950 on Experian, my report also says I have a very weak chance of getting accepted for a card - with a 25% hit rate. I've never had a credit card before, so don't know where to start. I have 1 line of credit at the moment, which is my student bank account with a £1 planned overdraft. Please can you offer advice as to which credit card would be most suitable for students like me. Thanks.


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    Try a sub prime lender - eg aqua or Vanquis.
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    I got the American Express gold charge card as one of my first cards as a student. As long as you have a part time job or some form of income you'll get one despite what everyone on the forum will say. The card used to be a more premium card but now every Tom, !!!! and Harry can get one.

    I got mine in September when I was buying a lot of bigger purchases and I managed to trigger the 20,000 point bonus. This got me two flights to Europe for free!

    If you're a savvy student you can do very well!
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