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    Loving the refer a friend. I've managed to get some money back for it.
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    Thanks for the in detailed explanation about it and it is very useful to me.

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    Tried to book a holiday Gatwick- Malta 5 days Flight (BA) land transfers and hotel at Selima with Mercury Holidays. Went thro the process and came to pay via credit card. Mercury Holidays refuse the credit card booking. I had booked a car transfer and had no problems with Credit Card.
    Decided to use the same BA flight, Same land Transfers and the Same Hotel in Malta including Breakfast. This trip identical to Mercury, using the same services, same time. My credit card was accepted by all operators and the total cost was over 200GBP cheaper for each person than quoted by Mercury Holidays.
    Suggest before you book, check if you can get the identical holiday booking each yourself, direct. My credit card was an Australian Card. Contacted Mercury Holidays to ask why I was knocked back. No reply only more holiday offers!!!!!!!
    Mercury were not interested in my booking. Next time will not use them.
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    I would recommend agoda for their pay later offers. Well to be fair offers the same however agoda price is always lower than 
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    Things tend to get better when you travel often and build some sort of loyalty. I used to book via and
    I did get free nights from and enjoyed pay later perks of but I switch to agoda around 2017. I am now now on a VIP platinum with Better , cheaper and flexible options. You can also save more if your travel date is very flexible and yeah choose weekdays!
    I am off to cyprus as soon this is all over for a beach trip. I booked my airport transfer online with a free cancellation feature too here
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    I enjoy using simply becasue the offer so may 'book now, pay later' options. I've used them a few times now for booking hotels when we weren't 100% sure if we would be going (especially during current times), and I rarely have to pay anything upfront.
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    Same! For unsure travels. Agoda tries to offer the same on some hotels too lately. More travels companies are offering the same flexibility. Before covid happened there was an travel boom going on and competition is pretty right among them. 
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    You can stay cheaply at monasteries - the original hotels! Try
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