The July NSD Thread!



  • indigowarrior
    indigowarrior Posts: 745 Forumite
    like to report 4nsds so far. I spent on Monday, wed and friday. I am aiming for 5/7 next week
    No Spend November 2/15 and SPC 134
  • marmiterulesok
    marmiterulesok Posts: 7,812 Forumite
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    like to report 4nsds so far. I spent on Monday, wed and friday. I am aiming for 5/7 next week

    very commendable! :j:j:j
  • Captain_Bluebear
    ...And she's off the blocks! 1st/12 NSD for me Marmite et al! I've missed this so much. x x

  • Nargleblast
    Nargleblast Posts: 10,762 Forumite
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    ok igor,i hear you.Pilchard margharitas for everyone this hot summer evening to celebrate the fact that it's friday.

    what's that igor,they're going to be garnished with cucumber,as our budget won't stretch to pimms?oh what a shame.oh,but there's a cucumber for everyone...hmmm.who put hubert in charge of the budget this week?
    please,nobody feed hubert their cucumber..he's a dreadful farter.

    How on earth can we build up our emergency savings stash when Somebody keeps squandering our hard-earned dosh on cucumbers???? I told you before, Igor, if you insist on dishing up pilchard margharitas then keep the garnishes cheap and cheerful....a frozen pea on a cocktail stick is enough.
    One life - your life - live it!
  • beanielou
    beanielou Posts: 90,634 Ambassador
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    No 7 today.
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  • Captain_Bluebear
    you're all signed up!Go for it!! :D

    Oh dear,I wish you hadn't mentioned Rocky...he's Igor's hero,yup.would you believe it...Cue Igor in shorts and singlet with a towel round his neck doing the old one two.... :eek::eek::eek:

    Hi!Hope the job is going well. :)

    Great to see you back! :j

    The job is going GREAT thank you Marmite! I love it but am surrounded by food and bargains! (I've put on a half a stone in 4 months and have spent so much on YS food i never eat!....hence why I'm here again!)
    but I do enjoy not getting up at 2.30 am every day!

    Becs x x
  • lotti379
    lotti379 Posts: 787 Forumite
    Woohoo! Got NSD number 2 as well!

    Had to head into town as DH left some necessary stuff at work, so we went to see the new spiderman thanks to tesco clubcard points :D Packed snacks of course too :D
    “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.”

    NSD Challenge: August 2017 2/15
  • Jo_Blogs
    Jo_Blogs Posts: 753 Forumite
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    yay!!!! many more to come i'm sure. :j:j

    ok,what's your secret? :)

    :rotfl:No secret, honest. I'm very organised and enjoy the simple things in life. Going shopping is not something I enjoy, so I only shop when I really need to. That usually means when the freezer and cupboards are empty.........:rotfl::rotfl:

    Great going with all the NSDs folks :T:T:T:T - Let's get thoes July NSD goals everyone ;):)

    Today will be NSD No.8 here :D

    Wishing you all a super NSDay! :);)
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  • Big_Hairy_Spider
    01-07-2017 8:08PM

    Hi Marmite,

    First post as an NSD virgin. Can you put me down for 6 days abstention please.

    Hi Marmite, 1 NSD earned, 5 to go.
    Bucket and Spade FC - Southend United - turning people to drink since 1906.
  • indigowarrior
    indigowarrior Posts: 745 Forumite
    5th Nsd!!! I have beat last months achievement. Pretty pleased with that.
    No Spend November 2/15 and SPC 134
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