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Ten parking fines in under a month

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hussainshussains Forumite
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Hello i have received ten parking fines from APOCA for luton airport

Do i have any grounds i can appeal on?


  • waamowaamo Forumite
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    You need to appeal each one separately. At the top of this forum is a thread that tells Newbies to read it first.

    In that thread are instructions on how to appeal and links to winning templates. You need to read it thoroughly.
  • hoohoohoohoo Forumite
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    APCOA do not use keeper liability so can only go after the driver.

    I would therefore check your posts, and if there is any reference to the driver, remove it.

    The keeper can then appeal on the basis they are not liable. If APCOA refuse to cancel, the keeper can then appeal to POPLA.

    I was also caught out at Luton recently. The whole layout has changed and basically by the time you get to a sign saying you are entering a contract, it is too late - your only option is to carry on.

    Therefore in my opinion no contract has been entered by performance, as the only alternative is an illegal driving manoeuvre.
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  • Half_wayHalf_way Forumite
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    do not even consider paying.
    there are a few issues at play with airports, not least bye laws making anything the likes of APCOA get up to irrelevant, however you shouldn't ignore.
    follow the advice on here for more, as I'm on mobile and away from a proper keyboard to go into details
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    hussainshussains Forumite
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    Thank you all for your responses, am nervous !
    Would the below sent via email be ok ? I am planning on putting all ten PCNs in one email or would you advise separate emails for each?

    Dear Sirs

    Re: PCN No.xxxxxxxxxx

    I challenge these 'PCN's as keeper of the car.

    I believe that your signs fail the test of 'large lettering' and prominence, as established in ParkingEye Ltd v Beavis. Your unremarkable and obscure signs were not seen by the driver, are in very small print and the terms are not readable to drivers.

    There will be no admissions as to who was driving and no assumptions can be drawn. You must either rely on the POFA 2012 and offer me a POPLA code, or cancel the charges.

    Should you obtain the registered keeper's data from the DVLA without reasonable cause, please take this as formal notice that I reserve the right to sue your company and the landowner/principal, for a sum not less than £250 for any Data Protection Act breach. Your aggressive business practice and unwarranted threat of court for the ordinary matter of a driver using my car without causing any obstruction nor offence, has caused significant distress to me.

    I do not give you consent to process data relating to me or this vehicle. I deny liability for any sum at all and you must consider this letter a Section 10 Notice under the DPA. You are required to respond within 21 days. I have kept proof of submission of this appeal and look forward to your reply.

    Yours faithfully,

    Name and address

    Thank you again very grateful for any advise
  • pappa_golfpappa_golf Forumite
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    no ,just follow the newbies thread and remember the words BYLAWS!!!!! , the parking co cannot move foward , and POPLa are again putting cases on hold ,

    just get a hand full of POPLa codes , and enjoy
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  • fisherjimfisherjim Forumite
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    Airports are covered by bye-laws which cannot be enforced by private parking companies, only the landowner can take you to court within six months.

    But they simply farm the job out to useless parking companies to try to frighten people into paying charges that cannot be enforced by them.
  • nigelbbnigelbb Forumite
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    Personally I would respond to each charge separately. The system is automated & you don't want to alert them to the fact that there is £800 in play or they may take more of an interest.
  • hussainshussains Forumite
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    Thank you i will do
  • patman99patman99 Forumite
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    Also worth remembering that each seperate appeal will cost APCOA £32 to reject, so you could well cost them £320. As each PCN is for an identicle event, the whole appeals proccess can be semi-automated from your end.

    Once you have the basic set of intial appeal and POPLA appeal paperwork in place, you only then need to change the date and the PCN number and POPLA code.
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  • Coupon-madCoupon-mad Forumite
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    nigelbb wrote: »
    Personally I would respond to each charge separately. The system is automated & you don't want to alert them to the fact that there is £800 in play or they may take more of an interest.

    I agree, and they should send the emails on separate days, using more than one email addy (I would) so that they don't join up the dots. This is only APCOA, though!
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