Help - kittens food has run out!

KateySW Forumite Posts: 107 Forumite
Hello everyone,

Was hoping I could get some advice on this - I've been feeding my new kittens Tiger Kitten food from Asda, which is what they've had since their foster mum had them. I bought them several boxes but I'm now only two sachets away from running out.

Asda has completely run out of this food for some reason!! I've been in several times for the past week and there has never been any in store. Tried another store too and tried to order it online and no luck either! I'm getting really worried as I know how important continuity is for young kittens :( I'm hoping I'll find it soon but in the increasingly likely situation I can't find any at all for them, what would you all suggest in transitioning them to a new food? Will they be okay if I do that? I know I probably sound like an overly worries kitten mum, but they're only 9 weeks or so, so don't want to upset their tummies :eek:



  • peachyprice
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    Yes, just mix it in with a new kitten food gradually increasing the ratio over a few days.

    It's probably not the best food out there anyway so you'll be doing them a favour getting them off it. If you can get to Pets at Home they have a good selection of quality kitten foods you can transition to.
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    Try not to panic, and just begin the introduction of new food asap. If you see any loose stool then try feeding plain boiled chicken, with the broth for the odd meal and it should all settle down..
  • KateySW
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    Thank you, that's perfect. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing moving them away from Asda's own brand stuff to something a bit better for them, I think I was just worried about the possibility of upset tummies as that's the only wet food they've ever had.

    I've given them one of the Tiger Kitten pouches this morning and I'll be on a mission this morning to get them some new kitten food. Any suggestions for good quality stuff is welcome!
  • fairy_lights
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    They'll be fine. Worst case scenario, you have a traumatic experience cleaning the litter tray for a few days.
    I'd recommend Zooplus for catfood, they have a good range of high meat content foods.
  • doglover86
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    Hi Katey,

    When my cat was tiny, I just fed Whiskas Kitten Pouches, and she loved them - plus they've got wide availability. I usually just order whatever I need for my menagerie from Pet Connection so I'd say take a look at these:

    Have you been feeding your little ones dry food as well? Mine seemed to do really well off mixed feeding and this was the stuff I used - it's good because as she grew I've been able to put her on the adult formulation and there's been no tummy upsets or anything of the sort:

    Hope this helps a little!
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