Equita hassle over Dart Charges

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Hi there,

Just as a background (to help you understand my position)

In Feb 2015 my mother died. Due to this a couple of months later I had to move out due to family disputes. My post was sometimes given to me no problem at all and sometimes I never saw it (and found out my father was sending it back with "no longer at this address" on it).

However every time me and my father were getting on okay, we had no issues with the post.

I sold a vehicle in October 2015 very cheap to a trader just as I needed it gone. I got married and then rented a house with my then wife. I sent the yellow slip off to the DVLA and thought nothing more about it.

In Janurary 2016 the vehicle went accross Dartford Crossing twice.

I knew nothing about this until Equita sent a letter saying they were going to come and kick the door in for some amount I cannot remember.

I then rushed around and filled in a TEC7 and 9.

As far as I am aware I heard nothing back. I possibly did get a rejection letter. I also had a battle with the DVLA over another vehicle that had no insurance (trade policy and after running round to Sheffield court I finally got it sorted) and so can't quite remember which is which.

Anyway, this week I get a text from an Equita baliff saying he was coming round in half hour.

I phoned him and explained but he said I had done two TEC forms and both were rejected so the court are probably after £550 as well.

I explained I don't live there anymore and he reckons he's done a trace and found me (maybe he has maybe he hasn't).

Anyway as far as I'm aware he hasn't shown up anywere.

I've been phoning the TEC but they are having difficulties with their phone.

So I phoned the DVLA and they said write us a letter and we will send you a confirmation letter stating you sold the car in 2015 (I'm guessing if they accept my story that is!).

I then phoned Dart Charge. He said do another TEC/7 TEC/9 form. Is this right?

I phoned Equita and the lady put a note on account and said email us any evidence too and I said I'd copy in the DVLA and TEC letters.

I'm just asking for some advice on a few things..

1. Is the above the correct thing to do?
2. Will the courts be after £550, I have recieved nothing about this. My post situation is sorted now.
3. If I will be chased for £550, will a successful TEC drop the previous costs?
4. Can I do another TEC if it is refused?

Thank you for any help, I'm determined to get this put to bed this week. It's certainly helped me see that a £2.50 crossing can turn nasty.

I'm also being chased for £80 by the DVLA for this vehicle being untaxed and un SORN so this should sort that as well.

Thank you!
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