Bulk buy dog food?

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Apologies if this is in the wrong place and/or there's an existing thread but I can't seem to use the search facility.

I've got 3 dogs, my parents have 2 and we take them to training and a walking club so we're in contact with loads of dog owners so I thought about seeing if we can buy some things in bulk, starting with fish cubes. In the back of my mind I was sure I'd seen some sites online who specialized in bulk dog products but I can't find them. Is anybody here already doing this? I'm finding prices difficult to compare as they all seem to sell different weights and p&p varies.

If I find any bargains I'll let everyone know!


  • Katiehound
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    You might just start by asking your local pet shop.
    I know that it sounds daft but one of our local shops (independent) beats on-line prices (even Berriwood wholesale) hands down pretty much every time especially if you buy 2 or more bags of food.
    It pays to ask politely- they can always say 'no!'
    Being polite and pleasant doesn't cost anything!
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    What foods in particular are you looking for? I'll post back if I see anything anywhere that might suit?

    I'd agree with asking your local pet shop, or maybe looking at some of the pet shops selling online who might be buying in higher volumes and have more flexibility on price?
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    I have just come across this pet food site when I was looking for chappie dog food and they do fish cubes. I don't know how reliable they are as I only placed my order today but they seem very good and ethical. They also do these
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    It can be worth asking the food manufacturers themselves, too, especially slightly smaller companies. I know when I worked in a petshop, someone with several Great Danes used to buy NatureDiet direct by the pallet to save some pennies, and some companies do breeder/kennels discounts that they might open up to a dog club to bulk-buy (I think Fish4Dogs do this).

    Maybe check out places like Berriewood Wholesale (they have some own-van routes which might cut P&P costs) and Zooplus (free postage over £29 I believe - and lots of natural chews etc., I always used to stock up when they had deals on)

    Another way to consider saving some money is to make your own treats - a dehydrator doesn't cost a bomb and you can source cheap meats, fish skin, etc. from butchers/fishmongers/supermarket counters. For training treats, I have these silicone moulds and make a runny batter using ingredients like chickpea flour, egg, tinned tuna, a bit of water/homemade broth and then microwave or bake until cooked through. The mould has 160 cavities and my microwave fits two - so 320 bite-size training treats done in under 10 mins, and for a fraction of the price I'd pay a pet shop (and I know exactly what ingredients are in them). They freeze well too, if you make large batches.
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