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  • i was 6 months gone so pretty heavy but before the 7 month grow splurt as thats when you grow the most...(correct me if im wrong any midwifes out there).
    the other thing that was a pain for my other half is the toilets trips every hour or so make sure you make allowances for this and tell your other half to get plenty of handy packs of tempo though dont buy it here as cheaper in hong kong....dont be suprised if your other half is a sucker for all those cheap cute baby dont go mad on the baby stuff til you get back...hth

    ask cathay pacific to allocate bulkhead seats so she can stretch her legs and no one is reclining in front of her (plus there usually right by the toilets) and it should be adequate...i wouldnt bother with upgrade unless you get it cheap or free as cathay pacific's customer service is highly ranked among others.
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    First of all congratulation on your brilliant news.

    I had to fly quite a lot when I was pregnant and I think that I flew up to my 32nd-33rd week but I had to produce a doctor note to say that I was fit to fly.

    As hellofreebies say the pain in the butt are the trips to the loo but it's more an inconvenience than a problem.
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    Whoa! Noticed a few contradictions in a number of posts.....

    Firstly, Congrats OP! Hope that a few more people have been filled in the news :)

    Pregnancy and travel insurance are a very grey area.... simply because you can't always forsee if or what kind of complication to expect during the pregnancy.

    For those of you that travel at late pregnancy - I would urge you firstly to re-check your t+cs with your travel insurance companies because if you have any complications, are go into labour early or suffer a miscarriage you may not be covered (look under Cancellation: what is not covered, Med and Emerg: what is not covered and definition of pregnancy).

    Generally, though, it can be said that some companies will cover you for cancellation provided that you weren't aware of the pregnancy at the time of bking the trip.
    Obv if you were aware (which is not the case I gather) then you wouldn't be entitled for canx under pol.

    The cut off dates are getting slimmer with some companies.. some won't cover the first and last 8 weeks of pregnancy, others, the first and last 18 weeks, and as also pointed out varies to up to last 6 mths of pregnancy.

    Speak to your Dr about whether it's safe for your partner to travel... it will be in your interests to do so, so that your partner isn't travelling against you Dr's advise (which invalidates the insurance anyhoo).
    And you will need to have a med cert from the Dr for canx in any case...

    If it is the case that the Dr says she's fine to travel and it's within the insurance terms, again, as stated by others, check with the airline if they'll still accomodate or if you can upgrade your seats - and again, as stated, check with your destination especially if you are due to have any shots as some shots will obv not be suitable - and speak to the Dr before these are done (side effects) - and of course check for any special considerations for immigration purposes.
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    Hi AWOL

    And congratulations.

    I have been long haul twice whilst pregnant. The first time was to Jamaica followed by a cruise. My doctor at the time told me not to fly as it would be dangerous (so you may find a doctor who will be happy to advise you not to fly). However, I got advice from further doctors at the same surgery (younger doctors) who said it would be completly fine. I ended up going and had the most relaxed two weeks of my pregnancy as it was the only time I didn't suffer from morning sickness. Even on the boat!

    Due to this, when I was pregnant with my second child I went to Malaysia and again was around 24 weeks pregnant and had a fab relaxing time away.

    I was lucky as I wasn't really showing when I went and so the flight was comfortable well as far as 14 hours stuck on a plane can be. Wouldn't fancy it if I was showing quite a lot as the flight would then be uncomfy. Of course you won't know how big your wife will be in feb. I was also very careful with what I ate especially in Malaysia with all the shell fish on offer. If I wasn't certain of anything I wouldn't eat it.

    If your careful your wife should be fine, but check that your travel insurance will cover just incase something did go wrong.

    have a fab time if you decide to go and let us know all about it.
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