Holiday Refund - Wife Pregnant

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    Usual medical advice is 28 weeks. But it is up to the airline upto what time they'll alllow you to fly as on long haul flights they get a bit concerned.

    24 weeks should not be a problem unless complications or other issues arise in the pregnancy before then. If there is no medical reason why you cannot fly then it is probable any insurer would not cover cancellation. Unless they felt the risk of medical costs outweighed the cancellation costs.

    You need to seek medical advice and involve your insurer ASAP. Leave it too late before advising them and any insurer will be looking for the get out if push comes to shove.
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    AWOL wrote: »

    Is it safe to fly when you are 25 weeks gone?

    What type of holiday is it? Just flights? Package? £1000 seems a lot to pay up front. Do you know if you had to pay extra to get your air tickets issued (maybe they were a special?). If so, you could be paying out up to £1000 of your total. If not, then £250 per person deposits are fairly typical.

    Ask them?
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    Firstly, ask your GP. Although I doubt whether there is actually any health risk. Perhaps you could pay extra to upgrade her to Premium Economy, or even Business? Anyway, your doctor will know better than anyone on this forum.

    I will just add, avoid going to any regions affected by malaria: the anti-malarial pills are really not a good idea for pregnant women. However, remember that malaria is only a problem in diminishing and remote parts of the world: most of China and Thailand should be fine, but parts of the Philippines would not be a good idea.
  • Sam_Bee wrote: »

    Ask them?

    Incredibly for many people, asking them is the very last thing they consider.:confused:

    ASK THEM !!
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    It all hangs on the booking conditions.
    The tickets MAY be non-refundable however they may be changable upon a fee so you could consider travelling earlier in the pregnancy.
    I think your steps should be -
    1 Discovery Call the travel company and find out what the actual situation is-it varies from company to company and even between ticket types and what your options are-cancellation, change of date etc so you know your options. Then call the airline direct and find out their specific policy for pregnant women as they vary (and some want documentation or fitness to fly certificates). Then call the insurance company a d find out if pregnancy is an exclusion under the cancelation section if a doctors advises or just based on EDD(it MAY be even if pregnancy is not covered as it almost certainly won't be-under the medical cover section). Get the pregnancy confirmed and an EDD (expected date of delivery) If you are unsure of dates this may involve waiting for a scan so the sooner the better.
    Once you have all the information you can make an informed decision based on finances and also doctors advice.
    And congratulations :)
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    Any way you could bring the holiday forward?

    companies can be a lot more understanding if they are still selling you the holiday, it's far enough in advance to change it to a closer date, and to somewhere a bit closer to home.

    5* luxury somewhere in Europe instead of the Far East?
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  • We are in the exactly the same position except I will be 34 weeks when we are due to fly to the Caribbean. The travel company have said that they only fly pregnant women up to 33 weeks. We have yet to get that confirmed. The doctors said that there were pros and cons but unless there were complications they would not say don't go. My doc was great - said a rest would do you good and you'd be unlucky to go ito early labour - however it is a possibility that you need to consider. At twenty four weeks I would definitely still go (especially as we have been to the resort before and know what to expect).

    We are fairly resigned to not going on that holiday (and losing the deposit) but I will be on the plane to Turkey in two weeks time!! :T
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    At 24 weeks / 25 weeks do you think it would be comfortable/safe to sit on a plane for 14 hours there and back?

    A short haul flight I wouldnt even be having this conversation.
    I really appreciate everyones thoughts and suggestions.

    I agree a rest would do my wife good, however a flight to hong kong would mean lots to do see (shop) which will not do her much good and also my credit card! :)
  • i was exactly the same senario with cathay pacific a couple of years ago and going to hong kong.

    i paid for flights in feb for first week of nov. i conceived in march...
    with lots of too-ing and fro-ing cathay pacific backed down and offerred me the option to put it forward to last week of sept plus £200... having had a healthy pregnacy with my eldest dd i had no qualms about going at 6 months...the flight was not a problem for me but then i go every year or so i know what to expect. with all the food available it really is a pregnant ladies paradise....we had a great time and the odd swollen ankles didnt put me off as it would of been a different holiday for us if we waited til after dd was born.

    dont miss out put it forward and go before the birth to make the most of it before mummy gets busy busy busy....

    taxi is so cheap that i really dont think you will have a problem, when shopping there is always somewhere cheap and easy to sit for dont let it put you off...
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    Hellofreebies - How amazing we are in the same predicament as you. We are flying to Hk with Cathy pacific aswell. We are trying to fly a month earlier. If fly in feb will be 25 weeks and if we fly in jab will be 21 weeks.
    So may i ask how many weeks gone were you when you flew?

    I may try and ask them for an upgrade.. what do you think? would they accomodate such a request? ...

    Much appreciated! After listening to everyones feedback i think we will risk it and fly!
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