Housing options for disabled daughter?

My daughter is currently residing in a mental health unit on section 3. The clinical team are ready to discharge her. She is unable to come back and live me or my wife so they are looking into a supported living placement or possible a council or housing association house with LA funding to meet her support needs. She's entitled to section 117 aftercare. How would a supported living placement affect her benefits? They have been suspended because of the 28 day rule but if she moves into supported living will it be deemed she's in residential and therefor don't been the criteria for benefits?


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    I would have thought that needing supported living arrangements demonstrated her vulnerability re benefits.
    ESA, PIP and Housing Benefit and council tax reduction are likely to apply.
    Are you her appointee re the DWP?
    Ask the clinical team who in the LA you should contact for more info.
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    Not all benefits should have been suspended. DLA would be, but if she was on ESA that would carry on while she is in hospital. DLA would restart as soon as she leaves hospital, whether supported living or in her own tenancy. (Not sure about universal credit areas,not up to speed on that.)

    Supported living is likely to be the quicker option. Rehab units count as hospital, supported living doesn't, for benefits purposes. If she applied for social housing, her MH will give her a higher priority with documentation from her consultant/SW but she would still have to wait for a one bed place to become available. I know someone who waited over 12 months after they were ready for discharge because of the lack of social housing available to them. Otherwise she could look at private rental but that will depend on where she lives and what is available for her age group and whether she only gets the shared house HB rate.
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