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Give yourself a money makeover and save £1,000s Article Discussion

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Give yourself a money makeover and save £1,000s Article Discussion

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This thread relates to the article

Give yourself a Money Makeover: How to completely overhaul your finances & save £1,000s

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  • Martin - you are psychic! While you've been putting this together, I've been going through my finances, done a proper budget and managed to save just over £800!! This annual saving is comprised of:
    Changing gas and electricity supplier - £260
    Changing car insurance (helped by the fact that it's now over 3 years since I had a 'my fault' prang) - £240
    Changing Broadband/TV/Phone/Mobile supplier - £300

    I'm pretty tight (for example, I never take renewal offers without checking other suppliers first) but I'm still shocked. It's certainly worth the effort!

    It's not all been about saving money. I've spent some as well as I now have the means to help protect my family - like taking out life insurance and making sure that my self-employed husband pays into his pension.

    And what did I use to help me? The guides on

    Cheers Martin. I owe you a pint!
  • I have just started working my way through the money makeover list. I did the electric and gas first and by changing companies I will save approx £350 this year plus I will be getting £30 cash back for swapping companies.

    Tonight I am planning on looking at the next way to save some money but made a good start so far

  • I've just completed the money makeover. I was very interested in the cash back credit cards, and somewhat surprised to see Barclaycard (my current provider) not offering anything. I rang them and asked how they could help, and they couldnt, so i asked to speak to retentions, as i was going to cancel my card. Retentions asked me why, i explained,m and they immediately offered me uncapped 2% a month for 3 months to stay! I spend about #1500 a month on the card, so i am #90 better off for a phone call!
  • I have completed a money makeover and without too much effort have saved £4750 per year.
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    I'm working on the tips and so far:

    *am switching my utilities (never done this before) saving according to comparison site £208 per annum! Plus MSE £30 cashback (if it comes). It was unbelieveably easy.
    *used MSE article to get Autoaid breakdown cover for both of us for £37 (cost of AA around £192 iirc so saving over £150 per annum).
    *using Rebtel for international calls will save over £50 per month if it all works out (saving around £600 per annum).
    *paid off some debt with savings (saving interest on debt - too hard to work out reducing interest payment savings).
    *made a balance transfer from OH credit card to mine, with 0% for 6mths and a small BT fee will be able to complete payments 1 month earlier and inside interest free period.
    Debt at highest: £8k :eek: Debt Free 31/12/2009 :D (ten years and counting :j). Original MFD May 2036, MF Dec 2018. Save £12k in 2020 member #41
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