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PIP no face to face or home visit required. Help.

Hello everyone! I went to switch my dla over to pip in march this year as i wasnt getting the correct allowance that i was entitled to. I have bipolar, psychosis, a personality disorder along with severe bowel problems, anxiety, widespread joint pain, an underactive thyroid and severe tremors of the hands (especially left hand). Everyday is a struggle and I need constant care. I can't even go out because I'm so paranoid and it causes severe distress and physical pain. I can never be left unattended because I get irritated easily and may lash out at others. I currently receive middle rate care and lower rate mobility of dla though i couldnt appeal due to not being able to go out, im 22 and go out literally twice a month, and i cannot speak over the phone because i take full blown anxiety attacks. Back to pip, they originally wanted me to attend a face to face assessment in may but i got a doctors letter stating that due to my mental state, paranoia, anxiety and bowel i could not attend. The person speaking on the phone to my mum arranged an appointment for today 1st June. My mum phoned yesterday and the woman said that no face to face assessment or home visit is required and that they had enough info from the doctor and myself, also to watch out for the post or maybe a phonecall. I'm so worried! I don't know if that's good or bad. I'm hoping and praying that I receive enhanced daily living enhanced mobility, I will keep you all informed as this wait for my decision is slowly getting to me. Any advice or info would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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    There's not really any advice anyone can give you at this time. Sounds to me like it's a good thing and hopefully the decision will go in your favour. You could ring DWP next week and ask if a decision has been made but it may take a few weeks. Good luck.
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