PIP Assessment today- concerned.

Hi, today my husband had his PIP face to face at home with Capita.

He has bipolar 1 and we have submitted plenty of medical evidence / letters of support.

We got the correct permission to record the assessment.

My concerns are-
We signed two forms for the audio recording- he didn't leave us with one. Capita said we have to call in a week to try and get our copy. The request to record is on their system- but we don't want to be accused of covert recording, rendering the cassette useless.

My other concern is that my husband requested I help him to convey his answers as he struggles to communicate at times. He made this request immediately and it was off tape.
What I noticed was the assessor completely disregarded anything I said. He only input any info my husband gave him. I noticed this consistently, early on.

As my husband struggled to remember things and had enormous anxiety, I was there to help fill in any missing information.
So basically, its all on tape, except his request for me to help but my info seemed disregarded.

Should I be worried?
Kind thanks in advance for any thoughts on this


  • You can do little but wait and see now, hope it goes ok.
  • Thank you Venison- yes you're right. Rerunning it all is already driving me mad. Thank you
  • Shaun005,
    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I'm so sorry at what you have been through. Its just not right.
    Did you consider appealing? I did with mine and had the MR completely turned around. I'm not too savvy on this site yet, but if you can check my posts I did post about this. And if I can be of any help, please shout. I wish you well xx
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    I have to ask the OP whether they were required to produce two identical copies of the recordings on cassette to give to the Assessor or whether this rule is now being waived ?
  • 50Twuncle-
    Sorry, I can't seem to quote your post.
    No the rules were clearly given to us well ahead of time. We had to produce two identical copies at the end and gave one to the assessor. We used a police recording unit and cassette tapes.
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    shaun005 wrote: »
    Sitting in the garden today, enjoying the sunshine and coming to terms with now knowing
    Your holiday abroad ended early then Andy? Spanish sun too hot?

    Op... I would advise trying to get hold of the PA4 assessment (consultation) report ASAP... call DWP for that. Might be weeks before you get a decision but the report is useful to indicate what that decision may well be for better or worse. Regarding the recordings... not sure what to advise.. except hopefully copy of the document will be supplied and your mind put at ease in that regard. Good luck.
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