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  • KittaKatta
    I agree. I keep them just because I get them and would feel bad throwing them away immediately, but I never use them. What annoys me is that Yellow Pages don't get recycled (at least in Hammersmith & Fulham). Why is that!?
  • Mumstheword
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    Have you asked your council that question KittaKatta? Maybe you could suiggest to them that recycling the directories would save 3 books a year from each house going in the bin, and that if other councils can do it why cant they.

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  • judderman62
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    I wouldn't want to be without my Yellow pages.
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  • Merlot
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    I have never used my telephone directories, I simply unwrap them and place them in the recycling bin, I have e-mailed BT this morning and requested no further directories to be delivered but I await their response.

    I also receive a free paper from my council - East Riding News, again I simply unwrap it and place it in the recycling bin, I telephone East Riding council some months ago and was told that I couldn't opt out of the delivery for that, it is given to 142,000 households automatically in the area, what an absolute waste of trees and energy in producing it, I am not interested in a newspaper full of adverts (it is paid for by the adverts) and local stories regarding coffee mornings, and I bet I am not alone, I, as well as many other tax payers are paying for some people at the council to produce this nonsense, the money could be better spend!
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  • tr3mor
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    Thieves tend to notice yellow pages hanging around peoples' doorsteps. I noticed a few houses around where we used to live with broken windows after a yellow pages had been left on the doorstep for a couple of days.

    Some scally had obviously thought "They're obviously on holiday. I can go nick stuff."
  • YorkshireBird
    Options business entries are sold as a separate item to businesses and cost min £180 + VAT
    This is one of the reasons that is so useless for small local businesses I guess.

    By the way - The Yellow pages sales people never tell customers that they can get into for free. People will only know that if they use the internet, visit and click a very small link.

    So if you do have a business. Do that now free thing! and cancel paying for the yearly Yell subscription.

    I will admit to having an axe to grind here as Yellow pages sales people had talked my Dad into 3 full colour ads and a entry for his small business which he only does as a hobby in retirement. Grr. serious $£$£!
  • privateryan_2
    It bugs me to think how many of these get produced... I have to admit, I don't believe in Global Warming (at least the human impact on it)... but I do recycle and agree that re-using what can be re-used can't be anything but helpful... (not that the cost savings generated there from get passed back to the consumers :mad: )

    Whenever I get a circular, unrequested catalogue or directory... it invarriably get's bunged straight in the Recycle bin...

    If I want a phone number... Tinterweb is the way forward :D
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  • lingdale
    Six delivered to fhese flats and all of them lying at the entrance door, where they will remain until someone puts all of them into a recycle sack.:eek:
  • zfrl
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    Phoned up & cancelled - so did other colleagues. Still got Yellow pages - now recycled!
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  • sunstarrr
    sunstarrr Posts: 16 Forumite
    I never use these phonebooks either, mine go straight to the recycling!

    To opt out of receiving the BT phone book, email
    To opt out of receiving Thomson Local, email

    Also consider signing the petition at (a direct link to the petition can be found at )

    Hope that helps! :-)
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