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ok really need to tighten my belt to pay pack lots of small amounts, am always rushing around other people and work 30 hours a week, there seem to be so many different challenges it is mind boggling, can someone please point me in the right direction to start. It is nearly June and my daughter graduates in 3 months so would love to be able to afford something for her. I have read about loose change, sealed pots, £10 a day, where should i start please, Have tried ebay but not a lot seems to be selling at the moment, is £10 a day realistic , any help gratefully appreciated


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    Pay back the amounts you owe first, get into the habit of managing to spend less per month while you repay the debts and then save up for something for your daughter.
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    Your post has come into the wrong section really, you'd get a lot more advice in the main debt free wanabee board. Maybe one of the admins will move it for you?

    My advice would be, figure out how much you are spending in each area by doing a good audit of your last three months worth of spending. Then you can do a proper budget.

    Regarding drumming up extra funds, choices would be work more, so second job, earn money from selling things off, like eBay. Then there's surveys and cash back for necessary purchases.

    Good luck, hope you can get something in place ore graduation.

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