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Hi I'm katie and I'm transgender I've been dressing about 2 years - I'm married so I can't dress as much as I'd like
I write poetry to express myself a lot are inspired by oasis here's a few , I've got about 300 that I've written in the last two years here's a couple that I've done in the last few days
I'm not sure where else to put them on here x

Some might say

Some might say
Why do you dress up
as Katie Wilson ?
I'd say it's because
inside I need to fly
and my wings are clipped
when she isn't inside
my heart and in my soul

Some might say
I think you look f*****g stupid
I'd say , I don't care
I can't win my war
without her leading from the front

Some might say
What you doing ?
You'll never be a real woman

I don't care
because in my mind I am
My name is Katie Wilson
without the scars
Life Would be to much to live with
the blades of life
have left me broken
and I died many moons ago

My name is Katie Wilson
and the barbed wire
still sits inside my soul

Some might say
I don't understand
what is it that you want ?
Just love me for who I am

My mind is Katie Wilson
the rest of me doesn't matter
I'll clean all the dirty dishes
and walk over broken glass
if that's what it takes
to reach my heavenly place

Some might say
I understand
We'll help you touch your dreams
and open rooms without no doors

I've a passion that drives me
like no one understands
to rid the chains of man
that make me sad
I'd walk over broken glass
to find the path of heaven
I hope that God
Is waiting with a smile

My name is Katie Wilson
and I can't stop
or I'll drop in despair
and shrivel up like a snail

Let the wind
take me to a brighter day
Where souls are happy
and I can beat the sadness
that I live with everyday

I may be quiet from the outside
but inside there's a roar that growls
A spirit that won't ever fade
there's a lady that's trying to smile
it may be a while but she's coming

The sticks and stones don't hurt
but the words changed me forever
I don't hate but live in pain
where the streams are blocked because of you

What ever people say
Katie Wilsons coming , katie Wilsons coming , katie Wilsons coming , Katie Wilsons coming , Katie Wilsons coming

Step out the shadows

I step out the shadows, when I'm Katie
and the darkness ,I leave that behind
I find own piece of heaven
deep in the soul of my mind

It's a place , where the weathers permanently fine
and all the birds sing so sweetly
and depression , that doesn't exist
all the skies, they are blue ones
and there's no fog and there's no mist

My journey has never been easy
theres been time , that I lost my way
If the truth be told ,I can tell you
it's lucky I'm still here today

I know that some people
find it hard , to understand
what is it about dressing ?
trust me , it was never planned

It's only when that I am Katie
that pain leaves me alone
when I'm boring old Michael
it's just like a dog with a bone

I've often been lost on my journey
and thought I was going to hell
and I wanted to hurt myself badly
and to scream and to YELL , YELL , YELL,YELL

the only time that I'm happy
is when Katie comes into my life
the rest of the time , I'm just acting
my insides , scarred with a knife

but now I'm no longer hiding
I'm leading the crusade from the front
I'm the one with the flagpole
I'm the one on the hunt

One day I'm going to be famous
you may not believe what I say
but trust me my time is coming
and I'm going to have my own day

The message that I am sending
is to love everyone , whoever they are
yes , I may like wearing dresses
does that mean, I need a thud ?

I'm trying to open , people's eyes
some that may , still be shut
I'm still a human being
my soul , so easily cut

all I want is to happy
just like everybody else
I'm leaving my shadows and darkness
behind me , up on the shelf

Remember the name Katie Wilson
she started the storm , on her own
but one day , they will remember
and she'll never again , be alone

at first the spring was just bubbling
and no one bothered to look
it was only, when suddenly
the waters , broke through the brook

I've been there , and I've come back
and now , I never give in
the story of Katie Wilson
is one , that's yet to begin

I may be different, in some ways
but all I want to do, is to love
I just want to be like gods son
the one he sent down, from above

Yes , I know I'm transgender
and I wear dresses and skirts
but I'm no different , to all you
I carry all scars and my hurts

I'm looking to open
doors , for all those like me
then one day , all of us trannies
well, I hope that we can be free

I'm stepping now out of the shadows
I'm leaving my darkness behind
I've found my own piece of heaven
deep in the soul of my mind

And in my head and in my mind

And in my head and in my mind
I'm dressed up to the nines
cause tonight I'm escaping my sadness
away from the bitter pill of life
away from the numbers
away from the rules
taken from society and from the schools

and in my head and in my head
I'm walking on water
water to wine
if its a crime then I'll do my time
just give me my freedom
and I'll be complete
sit Katie beside me
with heals on her feet

and give her a band
while she smiles and she sings
not words from her mouth
but those from her soul
they are the true ones
the ones that make her whole

and in my head and in my mind
open the windows that make me me blind
and let the fresh air help
my true self to find

because tonight
the world belongs to me

I don't want anything

I don't want the moon or the stars
or fast cars that go like the wind
I don't want promises that you won't keep
that leave me alone , left to weep
I don't want no more pain in my soul
that break me
so I can't be whole
I don't want !!!! loads of money
that tastes like bitter sweet honey
I don't want you to get to close
then walk and just be a ghost
the only thing that I want
is a chance to be Katie, now and then
she takes me way , I know I can't stay
her dresses , her skirts and her hair
I know that some people might stare
but would they prefer it if I just died
and continued to live , one great big lie
I'm afraid that's something I can't do
accept me - well that's up to you !
I don't want the moon or the stars
or fast cars that go like the wind
I just want to be true to me
a place where I can be free


I need to be myself
I can't be myself
Don't you understand
I can't take a bath
and wash it all away

Katie Wilson lives inside
She can't hide
She has her own set of lungs
She knows her own mind
You can try
but you won't ever shut her up
today , tomorrow
feeling alive , feeling supersonic
just the tonic for staying sane
Keeping the pain at bay
I'm not playing and she's staying
Not got anywhere
step outside if you want a fight
She likes the light
She needs to be herself
She can't be know one else

Sad song

Sing a sad song
went things go wrong
Nobody sees
the blocked out sun

No one asks
sing a sad song
can't you see
all the trees
have no leaves
they've all gone away

They've all gone away
blowing away
Sing a sad song
at the end of the day

Where do I go from here ?
katie is calling
slowly falling
Where will it all end ?
at the end of the day

Sing a sad song
loneliness my friend
there's nothing I can do
my shoes are mine
nobody else
can walk my miles

I can't just run away
at the end of the day
Sing a sad song
I can't just go away
at the end of the day

Sing a sad song
in a lonely place
it's been so long
I've been fighting
for enlightenment
but nothing seems to change

My body says I'm Katie
I want to go away
at the end of day
Sing a sad song
In a lonely place
It's been so long
there's nothing
no one can do
only me

I want to laugh and cry
I want to go away
sing a sad song
I want to run away
at the end of the day

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