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Free food (and household goods etc)

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budgie2budgie2 Forumite
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I discovered a free app called Olio a few weeks ago and think it's brilliant, I have already had quite a few free meals through it. I am not sure if it's a registered charity but it's definitely non-profit. So I hope it's okay to post on here about it, I have been going round telling everyone! :rotfl:

The idea is to prevent food waste and also bring the community together: you post any spare food you have, basically. They also have volunteers who pick up fresh food from shops, bakeries, delis etc and put it on the app. It's all good to eat (I have had several loaves of bread that were baked that same day) but not good enough to be kept and sold the next day/week. The other great thing is that (in my area at least) it's high end stuff, artisan handmade etc etc.

When you open the app it shows you all the food (and other stuff) on offer near you and you can request and go and collect whatever you want. It is really easy to use, I think I am making it sound more complicated than it is!

I thought other Moneysavers might find it useful. It has certainly saved me money already. By the way - the non-food bit of the app is a bit like Freecycle but without all the zillions of emails! :T


  • KatiehoundKatiehound Forumite
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    Mentioned in the current Tesco magazine so there could be loads more folk using it- don't know if it is a charity 'though.
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  • sams247sams247 Forumite
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    It certainly is growing but very slowly, needs more people to make it work well. I use it but very few people in my area
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                • LadyDeeLadyDee Forumite
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                  So not charitable then if anybody can take their pick of goodies? There'll be the scroungers grabbing all the best stuff. What's the benefit of this scheme over the Food Bank, which is well-established in many areas?

                  I think this should be over on the Freebies, unless I'm missing something of course.
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