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Here is my plan for a 30 week saving challenge.

30 Fridays from this one will take me up to 1 December which is usually when I start worrying about how I'm going to get through Christmas and the 6 or 7 week stretch from December pay day (when work kindly pays us early - thank you) to January pay day (when they pay us as usual on the last working day on the month - oh)

To change that, I will be making a deposit into my savings pot every Friday from now until then.

Those deposits will be full round pound amounts ranging from £1 to £30. I'm not going to put any rules on myself about what order to do the different amounts, to leave myself a little flexibility, to give myself the best chance to succeed. The only rule is that each of the amounts ranging from £1 - £30 must have been paid in during the course of my challenge.

I know over the next 30 weeks there will be some weeks that are tighter than others, there are going to be Fridays that are a lot further away from the next pay day than others, there are going to be some Fridays when I'll be in a bad mood and want to quit and there will be some Fridays when I really want to keep every pound possible in my purse for the upcoming weekend. So with that in mind, I am going to have to try to make the larger payments when I can, and save a few of the lowest amounts for the "bad" weeks. I also know that my enthusiasm for the challenge is going to be stronger in the early stages, so I need to take advantage of that.

I have drawn up a to do list for myself just listing 30 items, £1 - £30 and set myself a weekly reminder for Friday mornings at 7.30am, just in case I forget (or pretend to myself that I have forgotten....) and don't make my deposit.

So here I go. It sounds so simple, and in the tight weeks I may only need to worry about finding £1 or £2 so this might actually be a challenge I can complete!

If (when) I complete my challenge, it will mean I have £465 to see me through Christmas which will be a massive help.

If this works, I'm already thinking that I can turn it into a 50 Friday challenge starting first week of January 2018 and have £1,275 on 14 December next year. Christmas in the sun perhaps?! But lets just focus on one thing at a time!!



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