Baking For Charity

Hi everyone! I'm super new to this forum, but figured I'd ask a few questions as you all seem very friendly. :wink:

We recently did a charity cake auction at work for Parkinson's UK, and raised £220.01 (£22 for my cake) by baking big Easter-related cakes for people to bid on as a group of 15. After this, I really got the baking bug and want to do more for charity.

I'm going to be participating in Cupcake Day for Alzheimer's Society on the 15th June by baking cupcakes for my colleagues to buy in the work's canteen.The other people who participated in the cake auction will also be baking cupcakes too for this. However, I've been offering batches of 6 or 12 to close colleagues where all of the proceeds go to charity, and I have a couple of orders at the minute.

The thing is, do any of you know how to keep costs down? I want to bake decent cupcakes and not just basic ones, but I don't really know what the tips and tricks are for baking for charity; whether there are any cheap places to check, or ways to save money. I got in touch with a few companies to ask for freebies or even just money-off vouchers, but awaiting replies. I figured if complaints get free vouchers, why shouldn't charity baking? If you don't ask, you don't get. Or in my case, I probably won't get anyway. :rotfl:

Anyway, please let me know of any tips or tricks, or any companies that you know would be happy to send vouchers, etc.

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