Santander Premium Investment Refund

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Some weeks ago, I received a letter from Santander stating that I had been sold financial services that I had not received via a Premium Investment. The letter also stipulated the refund due and stated that I (and the other named person on the account) had to sign and return the completed form giving bank details etc to place refund. When I telephoned the helpline to advise that the other named person on the account was my ex of over ten years, they advised me to write to them stating this, which I did. Three letters and completed forms later, stating that I do not know the whereabouts of other named person on the account and can't and would not attempt to find them for personal reasons, Santander state that I can not 50% of the refund until both parties have signed and completed the necessary form!?
I have written and advised that I can't access and have no intention of finding the other named person on the account and also expressed my dismay as to why they can not give me 50% of the refund that they misold to me in the first instance.
It would appear another way to avoid refunding the customer. Is there anything else I can do about this?


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    If you have "no intention" of finding the other named person on the account, you should not be surprised that the Bank have "no intention" of simply refunding you 50% of the total due.

    The Bank are not simply avoiding paying you, both signatories are a legal requirement.

    Your "personal reasons" are irrelevant I'm afraid.
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    Try facebook or other social media, mutual friends of the time etc
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