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First time posting. My little girl goes to Cubs and has come home with a fundraising challenge for a local little girl that we know that needs treatments, therapies and equipment for quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and brain damage.

I need some help with ideas because she has been give £1 to spend on something that she can then make money with and make the money grow. We have four weeks for this.

The example they gave us was to buy ingredients to make cakes, sell the cakes and buy more ingredients and sell more cakes etc.

I've been racking my brain for something similar but not that exact idea but I'm struggling. All help would be most gratefully received as we really want to help the little girl in question.

Thanks in advance.


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    do you have any plants in the garden that can be divided and use the £1 for potting compost or little pots? Then put out a stall outside your house or at Cubs and make little notes they can take home at the next meeting explaining what you're going to do so that the parents can bring in money.

    Or if you could find a lovely cuddly toy in one of the charity shops do a 'what's the name' type thing. If it's for cubs you're not going to want to charge much - 20p or whatever a ticket & the winner wins the toy.

    or perhaps get a nice mug & fill it with small goodies and do a 'how many raisins/sweets/marshmallows/whatever in the mug?

    Or you could buy cleaning sponge/washing up liquid/cloths & offer to valet a car or something like that?
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    Thank you ����
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    you'll have to let us know what you do in the end :)
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    Use her £1 to print off some fireside quiz sheets and sell off at £1 a time - if you sell 20 sheets and offer £5 as prize money you will have raised a totally of £15 without too much effort.
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    We did this many years ago when I was a kid, all the group's in the church were given £10 to raise money for some cause or other (I forget what) we made sweets in Sunday school to sell to church members and cakes in girls brigade to sell to parents and families. One of the women's groups bought and begged wool and knitted things and one of the house groups bought candle moulds and wicks and recycled Stubbs from the candle lit Carol service to make candles (ingeniously coloured with wax crayons). The idea was to act out the parable of the talents and increase the money with the profits going to the nominated cause.
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